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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

SAIRS to SAIRS II Registry Migration in San Antonio Texas

Jorge Reyes, Immunization Division, Immunization Division, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, 332 W. Commerce, Ste. 108, San Antonio, TX, USA

The San Antonio Immunization Registry System (SAIRS) has resided on an OS290 Mainframe system for over twenty years. Although once a state-of-the-art system, the fully operational registry is slow, outdated and easily surpassed by newer, server-based systems. Functional limitations of the Mainframe include limited reporting, inadequate data de-duplication and the need for a third party to manage the system.

1. Utilize existing resources to their fullest potential.
2. Take advantage of benefits of relational database structure including more detailed analysis of data.
3. Take advantage of web based application.
4. Demonstrate benefits of automated billing services for Medicaid/Medicare clients.
5. Cost savings by maintaining database in-house.

In March 2004, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (SAMHD) Immunization Division decided that the benefits presented by migrating to a more standardized, web-based registry system were too great and decided to migrate from a legacy mainframe system to a more robust and dynamic Microsoft SQL Server database.

Among the benefits seen in implementing the new system will be the ability to electronically bill for services to Medicaid and Medicare patients; reciprocal exchange of data between divisions from a central database; generation of ad hoc and detailed reports (management report, identification of pockets of need within the Metro areas, etc) by a variety of staff.

The move to a more flexible user-friendly registry system will prove programmatically and financially beneficial to SAMHD. This is a work in progress and further benefits should be seen in the future.

Understand all facets of migrating to a more sophisticated registry system.
Demonstrate the benefits of good planning.

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