The 36th National Immunization Conference of CDC

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Utilizing Quality Assurance To Improve Immunization Practice

Debra Laughlin, Diane Haase, Machrina Smith, and Christine Mahon. Department of Public Health, Maricopa County, 926 East McDowell, Suite 208, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Quality Assurance, Immunization Programs, Program Evaluation

Quality assurance was initiated in 1995 to help improve the efficiency of the program and document and deal with problems immediately.

To develop procedures for implementing quality assurance for large immunization programs.

A log (tracking sheet) was developed utilizing the following key points to be critiqued after each program fof the targeted age group of 24 months and younger. (1) Based on available information, appropriate intervals between doses of vaccine were observed. (2) No missed opportunities based on available history. (3) Immunization history documented or attempt to obtain history. (4) Date and location written on cosent for reminder/recall and postcards completed(for all records). (5) Nurse signiture on consent(for all records). All errors discovered are discussed with the nurse. For missed opportunities, the client is notified by phone. Arrangements are made to administer the missed vaccine as soon as possible.

Program evaluations results in minimized errors and identifies areas that may need increased education to staff. Identification and follow-up by the nurse completing the error has resulted in the reduction of repeat errors.

Improved efficiency and quality of immunization practices in Maricopa County.

To decrease immunization errors and eliminate missed opportunities.

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