Canal A
Wednesday, May 12, 2004: 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

D8: Exemptions Part II: Evaluation of Immunization Exemptions and the People Who Claim Them

This workshop continues the discussion about immunization exemptions to school entry requirements. Topics will include: evaluating school exemption rates to identify pockets of exemptions; evaluation of the vaccination status of personal belief exemptors; and characteristics of parents who oppose and support compulsory vaccination.
Learning Objectives: At the end of the session, participants will be able to describe methods for evaluating exemption rates to identify pockets of exemptions.

Moderator:Holly Groom
2:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
2:15 PMThe Measure of Religious Exemptions in Oregon
Steve G. Robison, Lorraine K. Duncan, Amanda J. Timmons
2:30 PMCalifornia School Immunization Records of Personal Belief Exemptors
Nadine Wei, Celia Woodfill, Sarah Carroll, Nisha Gandhi
2:45 PMVaccine Beliefs of Parents Who Support and Ooppose Compulsory Vaccination: Results from the 2002 HealthStyles Survey
Allison Kennedy, Debbie A. Gust, Cedric Brown
3:00 PMDiscussion

The 38th National Immunization Conference of CDC