Bayou C
Wednesday, May 12, 2004: 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

D5: Hepatitis B Vaccination of High-Risk Adolescents

With the widespread adoption of universal infant immunization against hepatitis B, and with the implementation of adolescent hepatitis B immunization, a highly immune cohort is developing among persons ages 0-15 years in the U.S. Older adolescents with high-risk behaviors may not have been reached by infant immunization, nor by school-based programs. This workshop will present programs intended to reach these individuals and explore their success.
Learning Objectives: After attending this workshop, participants should be able to list three key messages that have been successfully delivered to at-risk teens.

Moderator:Norma J. Allred
2:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
2:15 PMHepatitis B Campaigns to Reach Young Adults and Older Adolescents
Janet Yuen, Amanda Roth, Karina Celaya, Natalie Nakahara, Marcy Jones
2:30 PMAvailability of Hepatitis B Vaccine for High-Risk Teens
Stanley Schaffer, Peter G. Szilagyi, Sandra Ambrose, Richard Barth, Sharon Humiston, Laura Shone, Hussain Yusuf, Donna Rickert, Abby Shefer
2:45 PMPresentation Andrea Lombard
3:00 PMDiscussion

The 38th National Immunization Conference of CDC