Bayou A
Friday, May 14, 2004: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

G3: Issues in Influenza Vaccination: Side Effects, Vaccine Coverage and Acceptance, and Emergency Response

This workshop presents an interesting potpourri of presentations on influenza. Presenters will discuss surveillance data on a “new” vaccine adverse event – oculo-respiratory syndrome, present data from a trial to improve influenza vaccination in children, describe the acceptance rate and characteristics of persons who received live-attenuated influenza vaccine during the 2003-04 season, and examine the use of an electronic emergency response network to facilitate urgent communications during the 2003-04 influenza epidemic.
Learning Objectives: After attending this workshop, participants should be able to describe approaches to improve vaccination of young children and factors that affect patient acceptance of influenza vaccination.

Moderator:Guillermo Herrera
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:45 AMThe experience with Oculo-Respiratory Syndrome (ORS) following influenza vaccination in Canada
Nooshin Ahmadipour, Robert Pless, Wikke Walop
9:00 AMEvaluation of Patients Receiving Intranasal Influenza (FluMistTM) Vaccine
Jean-Venable R. Goode, Pascale Wortley, Carla Winston, Stephan Foster, Dennis D. Stanley, John O. Beckner, Shane J. Kraus
9:15 AMUse of SIREN for Communicating with Partners during an Influenza Epidemic in Arizona
Laura M. Erhart, Susan Goodykoontz, Joseph Urrea, John Nelson, Kathy Fredrickson, Bob England
9:30 AMParental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs (KABs) Regarding Influenza Immunization in Healthy Young Children
Matthew F. Daley, Lori A. Crane, Jennifer Barrow, Nellie Hester, Brenda L. Beaty, Kellyn Pearson, Norma Allred, Stephen Berman, Allison Kempe
9:45 AMDiscussion

The 38th National Immunization Conference of CDC