22478 Re-Skinning and Expanding Apa's TIDE Curriculum

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Sharon Humiston, MD, MPH , Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center

Background:The Academic Pediatric Association (APA) is a national organization dedicated to improving children's and adolescent's health through leadership in education of child health professionals, research, and dissemination of knowledge. In 2001, APA, with CDC funding, launched a website for teaching immunization delivery and evaluation (TIDE). The purpose of the current project is to reinvigorate the APA: CDC NCIRD partnership and to refresh and expand TIDE's vaccine safety communication curriculum.

Setting:This effort is coordinated by APA and includes leaders in the fields of risk communication, vaccine delivery, and academic pediatrics.

Population:The primary target for TIDE is primary care (pediatric and family physician) residents who will go on to serve the large majority of U.S. children. (Historically, midlevel providers have utilized TIDE as well.)

Project Description:On the expanded TIDE website, learners will be exposed to concepts through a variety of media that appeal to different learning styles and teaching environments (e.g., visual, audio, reading). New materials will include motivating narratives on consequences of vaccine preventable diseases and methods for succinctly expressing to parents the risks and benefits of vaccination. After exposure to the initial intervention, learners will be asked to “learn by doing” in their continuity clinic setting. Reflection on their skills will serve as the basis for further learning cycles.

Results/Lessons Learned:There will be three phases: Formative phase – Steering committee participation, Website usability, curriculum usability; Implementation phase -- Steering committee participation, Website usability, curriculum usability; Dissemination phase – Change in immunization communication (before/after in 2 residency programs), presentations and publications. Updating and expanding TIDE is important because this site is uniquely positioned to reach the target audience. TIDE can contribute to the development of the learners' knowledge and attitudes and shape their vaccine risk communication with parents.

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