22534 Understanding IIS Performance and Dynamics: A Different Way of Looking at IIS Data

Tuesday, April 20, 2010: 4:25 PM
International Ballroom North
Vahe Heboyan, PhD , Public Health Advisor/Analyst, CDC
Janet Kelly, RN, BSN , Lead, Programmatic Team, CDC
Bobby Rasulnia, PhD , Senior Research Scientist, CDC

Background: Since inception, Immunization Information Systems (IIS) have evolved as a critical tool for assessing the state-of-immunizations in the United States in general and individuals in particular. Looking at IIS indicators in isolation (even over time) may not tell the whole story about the dynamics within the IIS or its overall performance. As IIS become more populated with data, a multidimensional analysis at a national level may tell more about the dynamics between functionality and immunization coverage by grantee. Simultaneous evaluation/analysis of multiple IIS indicators allows for a better understanding of the dynamics in general and individual IIS in particular.

Setting: n/a

Population: State and local IIS that receive 317 grant funds.  

Project Description: Grantees are required to submit assessment data through an IIS Annual Report (IISAR) to CDC. This project studies IISAR data by simultaneously examining how dynamics in one or more assessment areas may impact changes in other areas. The project examines the impact of various indicators, such as public-private provider participation, data access by user groups, and timeliness and completeness of data on participation and vaccine series coverage for different age groups. Data are analyzed for a single time period. Interactive data display tools illustrate data dynamics over time and across indicators.

Results/Lessons Learned: Preliminary analysis demonstrates IIS data can be efficiently used to better understand IIS challenges and trends. The final results will indicate whether (1) IISAR data alone are sufficient to understand dynamics within individual IIS or at a national level or (2) additional studies are needed.