22590 Philadelphia KIDS Registry: End-Users' Experience with An Immunization Information System (IIS)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Longina Visconto, MPH , KIDS Registry Assistant Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Background: In 2008, the first survey of Philadelphia’s KIDS Immunization Database Tracking System (KIDS) was conducted to evaluate end-users’ experience.  KIDS is a read only web-based immunization information system (IIS) containing immunization data on persons less than 19 years of age in Philadelphia.  Philadelphia healthcare providers are mandated to report immunizations to KIDS.

Objectives: To assess users’ experience with the KIDS interface in order to expand registry utilization among Philadelphia immunization providers as well as gather provider feedback to enhance IIS functionality. 

Methods: Three hundred and twenty three pediatric immunization provider offices were asked to complete the survey.  The survey was available online and sent via e-mail, fax, and mail.

Results: Of 145 responding sites, 79% reported currently using KIDS. The most common uses were to check immunization histories for new patients (66%) and print vaccination records (65%).  Among KIDS users, the most commonly reported problems include difficulty logging into KIDS and concerns over data accuracy/completeness.  Users overall satisfaction with KIDS was very high (97%). Most frequently reported reasons for not using KIDS (N=30) were: problems accessing KIDS (47%), practice has their own immunization tracking system (27%), and not having computers or internet (17%). Future improvements most requested by  end users include the ability to: generate a list of patients with missing immunizations (83%), order Vaccines for Children (VFC) vaccines through KIDS (71%), document vaccines for reports to managed care organizations (65%), and calculate vaccine coverage rates for their practice (60%).

Conclusions: The majority of KIDS users are very satisfied with the current system, but would also welcome new or enhanced functionality.  Survey results will be used to generate appropriate strategies to broaden KIDS use among Philadelphia immunization providers and implement desired enhancements to our IIS.

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