22775 School Located Vaccination Clinics in San Diego County

Wednesday, April 21, 2010: 9:35 AM
International Ballroom North

Background: An online survey was distributed in September 2009 to 43 public school districts to assess interest and concerns about offering school located vaccinations (SLV).  Twenty-four of thirty-three districts indicated support for SLV if their questions about liability were satisfactorily answered.  Additionally, several private schools and pre-schools contacted San Diego Public Health Services independently to inquire about SLV.

Setting: Public and private schools in San Diego County.

Population: School aged children (pre-K through 12th grade), siblings and other eligible family members.

Project Description: The County of San Diego contracted with commercial vaccinators and coordinated the planning of SLV clinics with school districts. A Memorandum of Agreement was executed between each school district and County of San Diego. Districts were given a choice of offering vaccine during the school day or after school hours including weekends.  Children and siblings up to age 18 were the primary target group.  School districts were allocated doses equal to a maximum of 20% of total student enrollment because of limited supply. District responsibilities included   promoting clinics to families of enrolled students, providing school facilities, and assisting with traffic or pedestrian flow the day of the event. 

Results/Lessons Learned:By December over 16 school districts had provided one or more clinics on school campuses with approximately 17,000 children receiving vaccine.  Children missed < 20 min total classroom time.  Clinics outside of class time served up to 1,500 persons in a single clinic. School staff and administration support were central to program success, particularly in promoting and communicating with families, obtaining parental consent, and logistical planning.  Community partners for logistical support included parent volunteer groups, and police or sheriff personnel for parking and traffic control.  Feedback from districts was used to improve future clinics.