22858 The IHS/ASIIS Immunization Interface: Building Data Exchange through Communication and Collaboration

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Grand Hall
Cecile Town, MPH , IHS Data Exchange Coordinator/CDC Research Officer, CDC/IHS
Scott Hamstra, MD , xxx, Indian Health Service

Background: The Indian Health Service (IHS) immunization data exchange initiative encourages IHS, tribal and urban Indian health (ITU) sites to participate in immunization information systems (IIS).  Since 2006, ITU sites in Arizona have used IHS developed software to facilitate provider participation in an automated, two-way batch ITU/IIS interface with the Arizona IIS, ASIIS.  Interface participation allows ITU providers to import ASIIS information into their locally based electronic health record system and track patient immunizations received by other providers.  ASIIS and IHS work together to increase the number of ITU providers that interface with ASIIS and maintain existing interfaces.

Setting: ITU clinics that utilize the IHS Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) and also use the IHS data exchange software to perform automated bidirectional immunization data exchange with ASIIS. 

Population: In 2008, there were 22,152 (5%) American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children under the age of 4 in Arizona.  Of those, 98% resided in the 7 counties where ITU clinics operate and 39% were less than 19 months old. 

Project Description: Three IHS administrative areas operate 22 ITU sites in Arizona.  Of these, 15 engage in a current or developing ASIIS interface.  Also, 3 New Mexico IHS clinics with Arizona patients interface with ASIIS.  The IHS National Immunization and Information Technology Programs work closely with ASIIS personnel, software programmers and ITU facility staff to maintain a functional interface in up to 18 facilities.

Results/Lessons Learned: IHS and ASIIS work continually to allow Arizona ITU’s to exchange immunization data with ASIIS.  In 2006 the goal was to establish the interface.  Today, the mutual goal is to maintain and improve the interface through frequent communication, troubleshooting and proposing solutions to problems which have not yet been encountered by either entity.

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