Teresa Anderson, DDS, MPH

Immunization Action Coalition
1573 Selby Avenue
Suite 234
Saint Paul, MN
USA 55104
Email: tanderson@immunize.org

Biographical Sketch:
Have provided project research, planning, design, and evaluation for the Immunization Action Coalition since 1993. Provide responses and resources to over 250 persons/month writing to admin@immunize.org with questions about immunization. Help develop educational materials for providers and patients, including contributing to the publications Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults and the weekly newsletter, IAC Express. Served as a temporary Advisor to Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, WHO, April 2003–February 2005, developing criteria for website credibility. Coordinator, Saint Paul Immunization Action Plan, May 1995–Dec. 1997 With Deborah Wexler, MD, wrote the appendix, "Websites that contain information about immunization," for the fourth and fifth editions of Vaccines, published by Elsevier Science. Authors: Stanley Plotkin, MD, Walter Orenstein, MD, and Paul Offit, MD With M. Roddy, wrote "Assessing immunization rates and improving practices: CASA and the “Key Steps” model," published in Minnesota Medicine. Sept. 1996. Wrote "Medicine for a sick immunization system," published in Minnesota Medicine, May 1993. "Internet (mis)information about hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and the hepatitis B vaccine." Workshop presentation at the National Viral Hepatitis Prevention Conference, Washington, D.C., 2005. Invited plenary speaker at the III Congreso Nacional de la Asociación Española de Vacunología, Madrid, Spain, November 11, 2005. Topic was “Concerns about Vaccine Safety: The Vaccine-Critical Movement and Ways to Counter It.” "Quick answers for tough questions." Workshop presentation at 2005 NIC. "The Vaccine Safety Network project–accomplishments and challenges." Invited speaker at the EURO WHO Vaccine Safety Network meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, February 10, 2005. "The good, the bad, and the ugly: immunization information on the Internet and how to evaluate it." Plenary speaker at the 1st Nebraska Immunization Conference, Omaha, NE, June 17, 2004. "Immunization information on the Internet and how to evaluate it." Workshop presentation 2004 NIC. "The good, the bad, and the ugly: immunization information on the Internet and how to evaluate it." Invited speaker at the Omaha Immunization Task Force meeting, Omaha, NE, August 21, 2003. "Criteria for evaluating immunization websites." Presentation to the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, June 12, 2003. "Researching organizations critical of U.S. vaccine policy." Poster presentation at 2003 NIC. "The use of the Internet as a tool for health professionals and the public." Invited speaker at “Vaccination in Tomorrow's Society: New Information Pathways,” an international workshop sponsored by the Fondation Mérieux at Les Pensières, Annecy, France, February 26-28, 2003. Other presentations at hepatitis conferences.