Patrick O'Reilly, MPH, PhD

Quality Improvement Organization
245 Winter Street
Waltham, MA
USA 02451

Biographical Sketch:
After 20 years of work in academic and social service settings, Dr. O'Reilly joined Masspro as a Senior Research Project Manager in 1991 to oversee a six-site, multi-state Medicare Clinic Project. In that position, Dr. O'Reilly had project management responsibilities for a number of other Masspro contracts including ones involved with dissemination of clinic practice guidelines, and the and developing quality improvement programs. Since 1995, Dr. O'Reilly has directed adult immunization programs in community, hospital, and nursing home settings, organized an annual adult immunization conference, initiated a state-wide adult immunization coalition, and developed manuals for increasing immunization in long term care settings, and for health care workers. Recent work has focused on using a quality improvement model to increase immunizations for health care personnel in nursing homes and hospital settings.