Nichole Bobo, RN, MSN

National nursing organization
Nursing education
8484 Georgia Ave., Suite 420
Silver Spring, MD
USA 20910

Biographical Sketch:
1990-present - Nursing Education Director, National Association of School Nurses. 1992-2000 - Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Regis University (Denver, CO) 1988-1991 - Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Louisville (KY) 1998-2000 - Adult Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine (Lakewood CO) CDC funded "School Nurse Immunization Promotion Program" - Project manager 2000-2003 CDC funded "Improving Immunzition Coverage: Clarifying KNowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of School Nurses" - Project Manager 2009-2011. Numerous state and national presentations focused on immunizations for school nurses. Oversight for immunization campaigns, continuing nursing education and disseminatnion of resources to NASN membership (i.e., website, electronic newsletter, Journal supplement). Author and co-author on several NASN Newsletter articles on immunizations. NASN liaison to various immunization stakeholder meetings (e.g., NFID Childhood Influenza Immunziation Coalition).