Loretta Santilli, MPH

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Immunization
Empire State Plaza, Corning Tower, Room 678
Albany, NY
USA 12237
Email: las09@health.state.ny.us

Biographical Sketch:
2007-present -- Program Manager, New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS), New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Immunization Responsible for the overall coordination, management and direction of technical, administrative/fiscal, and training/outreach components of the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS), including direct supervision of professional staff. Recruitment of physicians and other health care providers to participate in the web-based immunization registry, including informing providers of the mandate to report, monitoring of provider submissions, and implementation of protocols to encourage provider reporting. Conduct outreach efforts to key stakeholder organizations; participate in marketing and promotional activities, including public speaking. Development of education materials for providers, stakeholders, and the public, and oversight of user training activities. Direction of administrative activities including the development of contracts, contract renewals, and requests for proposals, preparation and tracking of the immunization registry budget and budget modifications, preparation of grant application work plans and budgets with proposed funding from federal agencies and foundations, and monitoring the contract with the registry software developer. Oversight of technical system development and maintenance, data quality assurance activities, and research efforts of the IIS, including linkages with outside public and private partners. 2007-present -- American Immunization Registry Association (Nov 2008) Elected to a three-year term to the Board of Directors. (Jan 2010) Appointed to serve on the Executive Committee. (Apr-Nov 2010) Appointed Vice-President. 1994-2007 -- New York State Department of Health Provided oversight and management of various public health programs within the Department including pandemic influenza planning, bioterrorism and other public health emergency preparedness, syndromic surveillance, cancer registration, traumatic brain injury surveillance, and injury prevention. Invited to present at numerous local, state, and national conferences. Received several awards and recognitions. Author or co-author of various publications and research documents.