Rosemary Franklin, MLIR

Michigan Department of Community Health
Division of Immunization
201 Townsend Street, PO Box 30195
Lansing, MI
USA 48909

Biographical Sketch:
1995-present -- Information & Education Coordinator, Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, MI. I work in the Outreach and Education Section of the Division of Immunization. My responsibilities include coordinating and implementing eight regional one-day conferences annually; annual attendance totals about 1,700 attendees. I have been planning and implementing these conferences for 16 years. I also participate in the Divisionís Flu Education Workgroup, as well as other education committees within the Division. 1993-1995 -- General Office Assistant, Michigan Department of Community Health, Division of Immunization. Previous work experience -- Worked in retail management from 1981 through 1991.