Stan L. Block, MD

Kentucky Pediatric Research
201 S. 5th Street
Bardstown, KY
USA 40004-1142

Biographical Sketch:
1982 present--Private pediatric practice 2000 to present--Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, KY 2003 to present--Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Louisville Medical School, Louisville, KY Board certified physician specializing in pediatric research and attention deficit disorder (over 27 years experience). Participated in over 450 clinical trials for vaccines, antibiotics, ADHD medications, infant formula, cardiovascular drugs, microbiology in pediatric patients. Authored over 90 peer-reviewed papers, 65 abstracts as well as a variety of medical textbooks. The majority of this work focused on pediatric infectious disease, prophylaxis, and prevention. Held multiple oversight positions for the CHC and NIH focused on pediatric infectious disease and evaluation of pediatric vaccination protocols, particularly those strategies aimed at improving vaccination rates among children and adolescents. Ongoing Involvement in American Academy of Pediatrics sponsored publications and presentations since 1994, and has served on the following American Academy of Pediatrics Executive committees: Committee on Pediatric Research (1998-2004), Section of Infectious Diseases (2000-2007), and planning group for PREP: Infectious Disease CME courses 2003, 2005, 2007. Active and ongoing participation in numerous scientific national and international advisory boards and roundtable discussions relating to infectious disease in children and the editorial boards of numerous pediatric journals. (1996-present) Recipient of numerous national honors and awards.