Frank Welch, MD, MSPH

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Office of Public Health
1450 L and A Road
Metaire, LA
USA 70001

Biographical Sketch:
07/1993 – 06/1994 Intern, Internal Medicine University of New Mexico Hospital Albuquerque, NM 07/1994 – 06/1996 Resident, Preventive Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans, LA 07/1996 – 06/1997 Chief Resident and Fellow, Preventive Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans, LA Louisiana Office of Public Heath/Department of Health and Hospitals, Medical Director, June 1997-March 2005, September 2005-Current Statewide Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza Preparedness Medical Director. Working with a logistical team, direct and coordinate all aspects of pandemic influenza planning for the State of Louisiana. This includes the overall State of Louisiana plan, as well as assisting traditional and non-traditional partners plan within their own organizations for a pandemic. Special emphasis is placed on incorporating pandemic planning with hurricane, Strategic National Stockpile, SARS, and anthrax preparedness planning. Serve as a core planning representative on the Louisiana Hospital Association core pandemic planning team. Community Preparedness Medical Consultant. Assist in the preparation, planning, and implementation of Community Preparedness related programs within, and with partners outside the Louisiana Office of Public Health, including receipt and distribution of the Strategic National Stockpile, mass dispensing, US Postal Service Biohazard program, CHEMPACK program, the Louisiana Antiviral Program, and mass vaccination/medication distribution. Direct bioterrorism related resources towards improving Public Health infrastructure. LOPH Liaison for Community Preparedness and Immunization Programs: Serve the Office of Public Health by consulting and serving as the representative for multiple programs, departments and projects. Have worked extensively with the Louisiana Hospital Association, Louisiana Nursing Home Association, The Governor’s Office, Louisiana Department of Education, the American Red Cross, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, State Human Resources Commission, Louisiana Department of Corrections, and numerous other public and private entities to inform, educate and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Immunization Program Medical Director. Medically direct the State Immunization Program including communications with both public health units and private practices who administer vaccines concerning vaccine ordering, storage, handling, administration, follow-up and side effect monitoring and reporting. Serve as the primary consultant for 9 Regional Medical Directors, 9 Immunization consultants, 9 Regional AFIX coordinators, private practitioners, and health units across the State on Immunization related issues. Serve as the main medical Immunization liaison to Louisiana Professional Associations like the Academy of Pediatrics and Family Practice. Influenza Prevention Medical Director: Serve as the main “face” of Influenza prevention in the State. Consult extensively with Louisiana Bureau of Media and Communications to inform, educate, and help direct both seasonal and H1N1 influenza prevention efforts in Louisiana. This includes education and communication extensively with television, radio, and print media partners across the State. Also share this information extensively with both public and private partners to assist in workplace and community prevention of Influenza. Smallpox Statewide Program Coordinator. Directs and Implements statewide Bioterrorism planning for pre and post event Smallpox initiatives, including statewide education, recruitment, training, tracking and follow-up, event reporting and vaccination campaigns. Medical Advisor, Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology. Medically advise the program with issues such as fish advisories, toxic spills and releases, cluster investigation, superfund and cleanup sites, and medically related health claims. Medical Advisor, Office of Public Health. Medically and technically advise programs and administration on diverse programmatic activities such as the environment, technology, medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, survey methods, and program implementation. Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide (LINKS) Statewide Coordinator, Medical Director, 1997-current. Statewide effort that developed, implemented, and now supports a statewide immunization registry to give both public and private providers real-time access to current immunization records for all children in Louisiana. Greater New Orleans Immunization Network Louisiana Office of Public Health Representative, Medical Steering Committee 1998-current. A consortium of nine New Orleans area hospitals and the Office of Public Health whose goal is to increase immunization levels in the area to that of the national average, and then to achieve the Year 2010 immunization goals. Louisiana Shots-For-Tots Medical Director, 1997-current. A statewide effort to build both local and statewide coalitions in order to address local immunization barriers and needs. Mississippi River Corridor Task Force Department of Health and Hospitals Designee, 1998-2000. Gubernatorial commission studying effects of industry on communities within the Mississippi River corridor, and to encourage safe and productive industry-community relationships.