Mark Francesconi, BS

Rhode Island Department of Health
Immunization Program
3 Capitol Hill
Room 302
Providence, RI
USA 02908

Biographical Sketch:
Rhode Island Department of Health Immunization Vaccine Manager since 2005. Current Chairperson for the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) Vaccine Distribution Workgroup, where we focus on the current distribution issues being faced by grantees through the CDC central distribution program Previous presenter at NIC for adolescent school vaccination program - Vaccinate Before You Graduate (VBYG) Lead individual for the Rhode Island Department of Health H1N1 vaccine distribution throughout H1N1 pandemic. Played a key role in the H1N1 response for the State of Rhode Island. Vaccine management was not only key during the H1N1 pandemic, it was paramount to the success of the childhood and pregnant/postpartum vaccination campaigns.