25057 Tweens, Teens & Grownups All Need Vaccines

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall
Frankie Milley, Patient/Parent, Advocate , Meningitis Angels Founder/ Exec. National Director, Meningitis Angels

Background: The importance of putting a face on diseases.

Setting: Schools, health and child care facilities and public education

Population:  Children - Adults 

Project Description:  Presnting real faces, real people , real diseases, real prevention with vdeos, educational materials, updated web sites, blogs and personal stories to show the need to vaccinate for good public health and disease prevention. We need to encourage public health workers to continue the great work they do each day to strengthen good public health and save lives.

Results/Lessons Learned: Vaccine presentable disease are still here.  People are still dying or being debilitated by them and they need to be prevented. Factual education healthy living and vaccine save lives. When we refuse or neglect to prevent vaccine preventable diseases we all become at risk. We must make sure that those who need vaccines get them to protect our whole population from deadly diseases. One simply has to walk around an old cemetery to see the value of vaccines.