25233 Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine: Outreach to the College Student

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall
Marlene Dolan, BSN, RN , Public Health Nurse, Madison Health Department

Background:   Aware of HPV incidence in college student, our goals were: 

  • convenient access to HPV vaccine on college campus (student center, health services)
  • educate and offer HPV vaccine at no cost to student
  • complete  three dose series within academic year 

Setting:  Initial visit to campus during university’s seasonal influenza clinic late September 2010.  Opportunity to distribute information, educate re: inclusion of male indication for vaccine, administer vaccine

Population:  Target population was college students within jurisdiction of local health department.  Collaboration with director of campus health services allowed wide distribution of information prior to initial visit.  Options for accessing vaccine provided: local health department, on campus.

Project Description:  Health Department approval as provider of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) vaccine allowed us to offer vaccines to residents of six municipalities within our jurisdiction.  Administrative decision made to provide free of charge.  Standing orders were obtained from collaborating physician.  Protocol developed.  HPV vaccine focus was on the college student at local university.  The established partnership with university health services was crucial to this effort.   Campus-wide email to faculty, staff, students was sent with information:  vaccines available, indications, when and where offered.  Clinic #1: two public health nurses present for education, screening, administration in addition to university staff administering influenza vaccine.  Reminders sent via email/phone 2 weeks and day before campus visit scheduled for dose #2.     

Results/Lessons Learned:  Outreach resulted 19 students receiving HPV vaccine at first visit : #1=16; #2 =2; #3 =1; 4 males.  Attendees at follow-up dose # 2 visit = 14.  87.5% for dose #2!  Found evening hour access more successful than daytime.  Need to update contact info each visit. To be continued. . .