25288 Using Arizona's IIS to Collect Hepatitis A/B Immunizations Given to Vulnerable Populations

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall
Lisa Rasmussen, BS , ASIIS Project Leader, Arizona Department of Health Services

Background: Arizona Immunization Program received 317 Initiative funding during the last few years.  A portion of the funds were used to purchase Hepatitis A/B vaccine for high risk populations.  Data needs to be captured in the Arizona IIS in a streamlined manor, with minimal data entry and maximum results.

Setting: Arizona immunization program, Arizona Department of Corrections, various outdoor events

Population: populations at high risk for Hepatitis - prison inmates and GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transvestite, gay) population

Project Description: Arizona's IIS has been used to capture Hepatitis A/B vaccines administered to adults through the 317 Initiative program.  It was decided to focus on some of the higher risk populations, which include those housed in corrections facilities and MSM's.  Data from correctional facilities is captured through paper entry forms, while the MSM/GLBTQ immunizations are collected at outdoor events, including Pride parades, Rainbow Festivals, and Gay Rodeo's.  The presentation describes data collection and results from the corrections project, and also the process for planning, outreach, data collection, and immunization in non-traditional settings.

Results/Lessons Learned: The challenges of providing immunizations at outdoor events: what works and what doesn't.  Results from the different venues vary between males and females, young and old.  Are we capturing those that need the vaccine, those that are the most vulnerable?  Is this a project that needs to continue even after the 317 Initiative funds are no longer available?