25551 Immunization Compliance and Registry Use In Child Care

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall
Tonya Toussaint, RN, BSN, MS , Nursing Supervisor, Maricopa County Department of Public Health
Karin Szymanski, BA, MEd , Project Coordinator, The Arizona Partnership for Immunization

Background: The Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS) is designed to capture immunization data on individuals within the state. Immunization registries play a vital role in increasing and sustaining vaccine coverage rates.  Child care programs administrators may request access “view only” access to ASIIS.  This is particularly useful when completing annual immunization data reports (IDR) for each child enrolled for care.  Each year, nearly 50 – 60% of child care provider IDRs are non-compliant with state immunization guidelines.  Anecdotal reports from Child Care Nurse Consultants (CCNC) in the field cite poor record keeping as a primary factor.

Setting: Various child care centers throughout Maricopa County.

Population: Children age 0 -5 enrolled in child programs throughout Maricopa County.

Project Description: Through a case management approach, child care nurse consultants in Maricopa County offer a variety of services designed to improve the health and safety in child setting.  The Arizona Partnership for Immunizations (TAPI) is providing ASIIS training to select child care program administrators. Ongoing support will be provided by ASIIS administrators, CCNC staff, and TAPI.  ASIIS has been modified to include a Child Care Module which allows program administrators to view immunization records, print parent alert letters for needed immunizations, and generate state-mandated IDRs.   A pilot program is   being introduced to 5 child care centers currently working with an assigned CCNC.  Once the pilot project has ended, the program will expand to all include centers. Outreach to recruit new centers will include attending Director networking meetings, child care conferences, resource fairs and direct mailings.

Results/Lessons Learned:  It is anticipated that this collaborative project will result in an increased use of ASIIS among child care providers, increased IDR accuracy with implementation of the ASIIS Child Care Module, and increased compliance with state immunization guidelines for child care providers.