25593 Taking the IIS for a Spin: The Effectiveness of a Targeted “Test Drive” on IIS Recruitment and Retention

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Columbia Hall
Letty Cherry Kreger, MHA , Regional Manager, CAIR Inland Empire, Riverside County Department of Public Health

Background:  During the H1N1 mass vaccination campaign, CAIR Inland Empire staff developed a streamlined, event-specific provider recruitment and retention strategy.  By encouraging providers to use CAIR to record a specific vaccine for a specific event, CAIR was able to increase participation among a group of providers who had previously been resistant to registry participation.

Setting:  Riverside County, CA

Population:  Immunization providers

Project Description:  Providers who do not use an IIS often have the same barrier to participation:  no time and/or no staff.  In spite of the many benefits offered to the provider, the registry is often viewed as a long-term, intensive obligation. The “test drive” marketing concept developed during the H1N1 campaign allowed providers to experience the benefits CAIR had to offer without feeling overwhelmed by a time commitment.  The entire process – from enrollment, to training, to deployment – was streamlined.  This step was especially important because it helps eliminate potential objections from difficult-to-recruit providers.  Providers were also told that they would be contacted at the end of the event to provide feedback on CAIR use. At no time prior to the end of the event did CAIR staff suggest on-going registry use to providers.

Results/Lessons Learned:  Of the providers participating in the test drive, 95% liked using CAIR.  Prior to the test drive, none had expressed interest in the registry. Since some of these providers normally did not provide immunizations, only 81% expressed an interest in continuing to use CAIR.  The test drive concept can be implemented for a specific event (e.g., back to school), vaccine (influenza or pertussis) or even age or patient group (pre-teen or new patients).  Regardless of the circumstances, the underlying premise remains the same:  to create a hassle-free environment that allows providers to experience the benefits of using an IIS.