Katherine Harris, PhD

RAND Corporation
Health Program
1500 South Hayes Street
Arlington, VA
USA 22202

Biographical Sketch:
Katherine Harris PhD, University of Minnesota, is a Senior Economist at the RAND Corporation. She has lead and participated in multidisciplinary teams exploring the organization, delivery, and outcomes of medical and behavioral health services. Dr. Harris has led and collaborated on several studies investigating the policy and practice climate surrounding adult and adolescent vaccination. Dr. Harris' current work focuses the use of online-surveys to rapidly collect and analyze data on the use of seasonal influenza vaccine. Her other work investigates surgeon preferences for anesthesia support, the identification and treatment of behavioral health problems in primary care settings, and the outcomes and costs of substance abuse treatment and mental health care. Dr. Harris was the principal investigator on grant-funded work aimed at understanding consumer's perceptions of health care quality and the effect of these perceptions on their health care decisions. Dr. Harris participated in a number of studies through RAND's military health program that used surveys to collect primary data on the effect of changes in the structure of drug benefits and formulary policies on beneficiaries and doctors working in the military treatment facilities.