Rohita Kotagiri, MS, Candidate

Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
81 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY
USA 14623

Biographical Sketch:
Performing research at Rochester Institute of Technology to evaluate the current vaccine ordering system in practice under the Vaccine for Children (VFC) program and to understand the demand pattern for pediatric vaccines in order to suggest alternative strategies for better performing vaccine ordering system. Research is advised by Professor Ruben A. Proaño, Ph.D, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY-14623 whose publications are listed below: Journal Publications: Jacobson S.H., Sewell E.C., Proano R.A. Analysis of the Pediatric Vaccine Supply Shortage Problem, Health Care Management Science (2006) 9: 371-389. Jacobson S.H., Sewell E.C., Proano R.A., Jokela J., Stockpile levels for Pediatric Vaccines: How much is enough?, Vaccine (2006) 24: 3530-3537 Conference Presentations: • Antigen Bundling Pricing, INFORMS Annual Meeting, October 2008,Washington D.C. • Antigen Bundling Pricing, RIT ISE Graduate Seminar, September 2008, Rochester, NY. • Setting Pediatric Vaccine Stockpiles using Decision Analysis, INFORMS MSOM, June 2008, (presented by Sheldon H. Jacobson), University of Maryland, Maryland. • Speaker, Frontiers International Health Panel, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, April 2008, Urbana, Illinois. • Analysis of the Pediatric Vaccine Supply Shortage Problem, INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 2007, Seattle, Washington. • Defining Pediatric Vaccine Stockpiles: a multi-attribute approach, Harvey Mudd College, Conference on Public Sector Operations Research, September 2007, Claremont, California. • Análisis del problema del desabastecimiento de vacunas pediátricas en los E.E.U.U., Congreso Latinoamericano de Estudiantes de Ingeniería Industrial (CLEIN), November 2006 , Quito, Ecuador (invited plenary talk). • An Analysis of the Pediatric Vaccine Supply Shortage Problem, INFORMS MSOM, June 2006, (presented by Sheldon H. Jacobson), Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia. Work-In-Progress Proano R.A., Jacobson S.H., Sewell E.C., Setting Pediatric Vaccines Stockpiles : A Multi-Attribute Approach. Proano R.A., Jacobson S.H., Shanbhag U.V. , Sewell E.C., Antigen Bundling Pricing Problem. Proano R.A., Capturing Demand Dynamics for Emergency Response Vaccines.