C1 What’s An Outbreak Like This Doing In a Highly-Vaccinated Population?

Monday, March 28, 2011: 3:30 PM-4:30 PM
International Ballroom - West
Presenters in this workshop will discuss epidemiologic and vaccine-related aspects of three different vaccine preventable disease outbreak investigations – varicella, mumps, and pertussis.
Gregory Wallace and Rafael Harpaz

3:30 PM
Mumps Outbreaks Associated with Correctional Facilities, Texas, 2010
Rachel Wiseman, MPH, VPD Epidemiologist, Texas Department of State Health Services
3:50 PM
Varicella Outbreak In a Daycare During the 2-Dose Vaccination Era
Rodrerica Pierre, BA, Junior Clinical Reseacher, Philadelphia Department of Public Health; Irini Daskalaki, MD; Dana Perella, MSPH; Kendra Viner, PhD, MPH; Salini Mohanty, MPH; Niya Spells, BA; Adriana Lopez, MHS; Caroline Johnson, MD
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