F1 Mumps Outbreaks In Highly-Vaccinated Populations

Tuesday, March 29, 2011: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
International Ballroom - West
Presenters in this workshop will describe several recent outbreaks of mumps in the United States that occurred in highly vaccinated populations, the effectiveness of one and two doses on MMR vaccine in preventing mumps and the utility of using a third dose of MMR vaccine in outbreak control.
Albert Barskey and Amy Parker Fiebelkorn

4:00 PM
Mumps Vaccine Effectiveness During An Outbreak In New York City
Kara A. Livingston, MPH; Jennifer B. Rosen, MD; Jane R. Zucker, MD, MSc; Christopher M. Zimmerman, MD, MPH, Medical Director, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
4:20 PM
Epidemiology of a Mumps Outbreak In a Highly Vaccinated Population In Orange County, New York, 2009-2010, and Impact of the 3rd Dose MMR Intervention
Preeta Kutty, MD, MPH; Jacqueline Lawler, MPH, CPH; Elizabeth Rausch-Phung, MD, MPH; Ikechukwu Ogbuanu, MD, PhD, MPH; Glen Abedi, BS; Jean Hudson, MD, MPH; Debra Blog, MD, MPH; Rafael Harpaz, MD, MPH; Hardeep Sandhu, MD; Stephen Goodell, RN, BSN, MPH; Cynthia Schulte, RN, BSN; Albert Barskey, MPH; Huong McLean, MPH, PhD; Marilyn Ejercito, RN, BSN, MS; Barbara Valure, RN, BSN; Lynn Pollock, RN, MSN; Alan Werzberger, MD; Kathleen Gallagher, MPH, DSc, Team Lead, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4:40 PM
Third Dose MMR Intervention During a Mumps Outbreak In a Highly-Vaccinated Population Guam 2009-2010
George Nelson, MD, Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Annette Lizama Aguon; Engracia Quiambao; Rita Quitugua Oliva; Michele Leon Guerrero; Richard Reyes; Anna Lizama; Daryl Diras; Annakutty Mathew, MD, FACP; E. Jessica Camacho, MEd; Moryne-Nicole Monforte; Abdirahman Mahamud, MD; Preeta Kutty, MD, MPH; Stephanie Bialek, MD, MPH; Amy Parker Fiebelkorn, MSN, MPH; Kathleen Gallagher, MPH, DSc
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