30300 Immunizing Invisible Communities: Outreach Campaign Targeting Adult Latinos

Monday, March 26, 2012
Poster Hall
Ena Seltzer, RN, BA, BS , Public Health Nurse, Allegheny County Health Department

Background:  We perceived that the Latino population is underserved in adult immunizations. Reasons for this include being underinsured, being undocumented, differences in language and culture and others. A review of the ethnicity of people receiving immunizations at ACHD/Allegheny County Health Department Clinic, Pittsburgh, Pa over a random 45 day period showed adult Latinos appeared to be underrepresented. This presentation shows the results of a strategy developed to improve the ACHD’s outreach into the adult Latino population and improve the number of people receiving appropriate immunizations

Setting:  Three types of settings were selected: a church with large Latino congregation, a free clinic with a Spanish-speaking staff and a family center specializing in Latino families.

Population:  Adult Latinos

Project Description: Immunization clinic staff developed partnerships with three Latino venues; a church, a medical clinic and a family center. Each promoted special 2-hour adult immunization clinics through the use of targeted flyers, bulletins and emails. A total of six clinics were planned in the summer of 2010. Vaccines given were: Influenza, Tetanus Diphtheria and Pertussis, Meningitis, Pneumonia, HPV and Varicella

Results/Lessons Learned:  In total, the six clinics immunized 162 adults. The medical clinic  immunized 62 adults; the family center 15 adults and the church 85 adults. Feedback from these organizations has been positive and more clinics are being planned. This outreach effort appeared to be effective in increasing immunizations among Latino adults