Jennifer Harris, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor
University of Connecticut
Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
One Constitution Plaza, Suite 600
Hartford, CT
USA 06103

Biographical Sketch:
My research focuses on evaluating young people’s exposure to food marketing in all forms and the effects of that exposure on their health and health-related behaviors. As a PhD student, I studied with John Bargh, PhD, one of the leading experts in nonconscious effects on self-regulatory behaviors, and conducted experimental research to understand the impact of exposure to food marketing on eating behaviors. In my current position as Director of Marketing Initiatives at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, I am responsible for the development and implementation of all research regarding food marketing to children and adolescents. I am experienced in using syndicated market research data and designing studies to assess exposure to advertising on television, the internet and radio, in stores and on packaging, and product placements, and have conducted in-depth analyses of all forms of marketing targeted to young people. In addition, I am experienced in experimental studies assessing the impact of food marketing, including marketing targeted to Black and Latino youth.