Wendy Scharber, RHIT, CTR

Public Health Data Standards Consortium
Department: Outreach
4608 89th Crescent
Minneapolis, MN
USA 55443

Biographical Sketch:
Business Processes analyzes, models and improves public health processes, focusing on implementation of electronic and automated solutions; develops consensus-based operational best practices. E-Health Standards evaluates and develops interoperability specifications based on U.S. and international standards for implementing e-Health in the area of population health; specifically in the areas of HL7 and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and secondary use of data. Informatics effectively coordinates the interactions between IT and registry specialties; competent knowledge of database principles and design, HL7 2.x, CDA, and UML. IHE-QRPH TF Supplement: Physician Reporting to Public Health Repository - Cancer Registry (PRPH-Ca) IHE-AP TF Supplement: Anatomic Pathology Reporting to a Public Health Repository Cancer Registry (ARPH) White Paper: Building a Roadmap for Interoperability for Public Health (Cancer Surveillance Domain) NPCR-AERRO: Developing a Cancer Surveillance Informatics Structure in the New E-Health Environment