William E. Keene, PhD, MPH

Oregon Public Health Division
Office of Disease Prevention and Epidemiology
800 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR
USA 97230
Email: keene@cluemail.com

Biographical Sketch:
Bill Keene has been as a communicable disease epidemiologist at the Oregon Public Health Division since 1990. A generalist, he provides consultation and support for most diseases of public health interest, running the gamut from rabies to malaria to measles to hepatitis. He has worked on hundreds of outbreak investigations, with a special interest in enteric diseases. He now coordinates Oregonís enteric disease outbreak investigations, and also develops databases, questionnaires, and other tools for use in general disease surveillance and investigations. He has written or contributed to numerous articles about outbreaks and enteric diseases, and has been an adjunct professor at Oregon Health & Science University since 1991. He is also interested in international public health and in recent years has travelled frequently to Asia on various public health assignments in Iran, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and other countries on behalf of the WHO and the US National Academy of Sciences. He is a graduate of Yale University and the University ofCalifornia at Berkeley.