20875 Lessons Learned Implementing Standards-Based Public Health Alerts

Monday, August 31, 2009: 1:30 PM
The Learning Center
Keith W. Boone, AA , Systems Interoperability and Standards, GE Healthcare, Boston, MA
This presentation will review lessons learned in implementing standards-based alert messages within the GE CentricityŽ EMR product. It will start with a brief overview discussing the standards that have been selected by ANSI/HITSP for communicating alerts. The rationale for selecting HITSP T81 for the proof of concept will be given. During the selection and implementation phase several challenges were presented and these will be described along with how they were addressed in the proof of concept. The proof of concept will then be demonstrated using CentricityŽ EMR and the alert repository developed by and residing at John's Hopkins University. A discussion of next steps and additional oppportunities presented in this project will follow.
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