2005 Institute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine Conference:
Recognizing Excellence in Practice

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Thursday, April 28, 2005 -- Atlanta, Georgia

CDC Welcome and Keynote

Welcoming Remarks: Introduction to the Institute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine
Joe Boone, PhD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
CDC Welcome and Keynote Introduction
Toby Merlin, MD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Keynote: Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, MPH
President and CEO, National Quality Forum

Friday, April 29, 2005

Plenary Session: Introduction and Keynote

Robert Martin, DrPH, MPH
Keynote: Dennis S. O'Leary, MD
President, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

IQLM Workgroup Presentations

Introduction and Overview
Joe Boone, PhD
Developing monitoring networks
Michael Noble, MD, FRCPC / Julie Gayken, MT(ASCP)
Developing a Core Set of Laboratory Based Quality Indicators
Lee Hilborne, MD, MPH
Developing a national report on the quality of laboratory services
Marc D. Silverstein, MD 
Acknowledgements and Summary
Joe Boone, PhD / Julie Taylor, PhD

Plenary Session: Business Case for Quality
Best practices surrounding:

Laboratory Setting
Rick Panning, CLS(NCA),MBA 
Stephen F. Jencks, MD, MPH 
Private Insurance
Robert Kropp, MD, MBA 
Health Economics
Frank R. Litchtenberg, PhD 

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Thomas Hearn, PhD

Panel Discussion 

Plenary Session: Business Case for Quality
Best practices surrounding:

Information Technology
Stephen Raab, MD 
International Standards
Rogerio Rabelo, MD, PhD, MBA 
Diagnostic Industry
Paul Epner 
Steven Asch, MD, MPH 

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Belinda Vanatta, MS, MT(ASCP)DLM

Panel Discussion

Saturday, April 30, 2005: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Delivery and Utilization of Laboratory Services: Lessons Learned

Joe Boone, PhD
Errors in the Testing Process in Primary Care: A Report from the American Academy of Family Physicians’ National Research Network
Nancy Elder, MD 
The Impact of Gynecologic Pathology Diagnostic Errors on Patient Care
Dana Grzybicki, PhD
Utilization of Tests of Hypercoagulability as Observed at a Reference Laboratory
Brian Jackson, MD, MS(Medical Informatics) 
The Science of Patient Safety: Longitudinal Studies in an Environment of Change
Elizabeth Wagar, MD 

Public Panel - Learning from the field
Moderator: Ana K. Stankovic, MD, PhD, MSPH

Panel Discussion 

Developing a Quality Agenda for Laboratory Medicine

Developing a Quality Agenda for Laboratory Medicine: a View from the Other Side
Nancy Elder, MD, MSPH 
Developing Your (Local) Patient Safety Agenda
Michael Astion, MD, PhD, HTBE 

Next Steps and Summary

IQLM Summary and Next Steps
Joe Boone, PhD 

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Poster Session

A sustainable community process to improve availability of appropriate, verified quality control (QC) materials for genetic testing
Lisa Kalman, Bin Chen, Ira M. Lubin, D. Joe Boone
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Central Lab Turnaround Time for Stat Troponin Testing
D. Robert Dufour, Kathleen A. Zeiler, Patricia Shiu, Rosario N. Hunter, Pamela Del Monte, Mitra Thompson
Assessing the Benefit of Measuring B-type Natriuretic Peptide
Larry H. Bernstein, Madeleine Schlefer
Cervical Biopsy Correlation of SurePath™ Liquid Based Pap Tests Interpreted as Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance in Conjunction with Digene Hybrid Capture® II High Risk Human Papilloma Virus Testing
Lynnette C. Savaloja, Misty D. Babb, Chelsi R. Womack, Elizabeth T. Jordan
Communications System: A ‘Tailored Tools’ Approach
Sarah-Jane Downing, Kit Johnson
Comparison of Cytology Proficiency Testing--Glass Slides vs. Virtual Slides
MariBeth C. Gagnon, Stanley Inhorn, John Hancock, Keller Barbara, Dana Carpenter, Toby Merlin, Thomas Hearn, Pamela Thompson, Rhonda Whalen, Barbara Keller
Developing a Matrix-Structured Quality Financial System for a Public Health Laboratory
Tanya Koga, Kit Johnson
Development of an Integrated System for Reporting, Analyzing and Learning from Adverse Incidents involving Patients, Staff and Others
Leroy Mell, Shirley Knelly
Different Temporal Systems May Contribute to Medical Error: A Study of a Hospital Emergency Department (ED) and Clinical Laboratory Interaction
Zixing Shen, Yisong Jiang, Youngjin Yoo, Kalle Lyytinen, Edward Michelson, Linda M. Sandhaus
Discordant results for LDL obtained by direct measurement and Friedewald calculation (FW-C)
Henry Gang
Enhancing Cardiac Diagnosis and Treatment Capability with Automation and Laboratorian/Clinican Collaborations
Denise L. Uettwiller-Geiger, Peter Bruno, Joan Faro, Judith Mignone, Owen Yen
EQUIP: International Collaboration in Laboratory Services
Kathleen L. Caldwell, Amir A. Makhmudov, Robert L. Jones
Laura Sciacovelli, Paolo Carraro, Mario Plebani
Errors in the Testing Process in Primary Care: A Report from the American Academy of Family Physicians' National Research Network
Nancy C. Elder, John Hickner, Deborah Graham, Elias Brandt, Susan Dovey, Robert Phillips
Establishing Analytical Turnaround Time for Urine Cultures: A Project of the Canadian Coalition for Quality in Laboratory Medicine (CCQLM) Working Group
Deirdre L. Church, Elizabeth Melnyk, Cabrini Carmona Silva, Pierre Turcotte
Establishing Meaningful Laboratory Performance Indicators Using Quality Systems Thinking
Joan M. Carlson
Establishment of Internal Threshold for Transfusion Reaction Reporting
Linda K. Lowe, Nancy Krueger, Jill L. Wood, Karen Clifton, Timothy S. Braverman
Evaluation of Job Aids for Laboratory Confirmation in Tanzania
Kathleen F. Cavallaro, Vincent Y. Mgaya, Ahmed Seha, Mohamed Amri, Thomas Aisu, Jeannette St. Pierre, Kirk P. Winger, Peter Mmbuji
Evaluation of Medical Laboratory Conformance to ISO 15189:2003: The Ontario, Canada Experience
Linda Crawford, Harold Richardson
Tatyana Valentinovna Kalashnikova, Erkin Isakovich Musabaev, Natalya Grigorievna Koftunenko, Rafik Karimovich Usmanov, Saida Djakanovna Suleimenova, Nina Ivanovna Golovchenko, Azat Babdjanovich Ongarbaev, Tatyana Enverovna Kuchuk, Adelya Adilkhanovna Albetkova, Jan Drobeniuc, Aliya Balzabekovna Jumagulova, Michael O. Favorov
Implementation of an ISO-based Integrated Management System for Managing Quality and Environmental Requirements in the Clinical Laboratory
D. M. Périgo, A. S. E. Gonçalves, D. P. Santos, R. Rabelo
Implementation of the 2002 Group B Streptococcus Screening Guidelines
Barbara E. Robinson-Dunn, Marcus Zervos, JoAnn Logue-O'Malley
Implementing a quality management system (QMS) in a public health laboratory
Jean Joly, Johanne Lefebvre
Improvement of STAT Results Turn Around Time – A Six Sigma Approach
F. Leland McClure
Improving Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors by Standardizing Manufacturers of Diagnostic Assays
Mahnaz Dasti, Mary M. Kimberly, Gary L. Myers
Improving Process Quality and Reducing Total Expense Associated with Specimen Mislabeling in an Academic Medical Center
Stephen E. Kahn, Colleen Jarosz, Kathleen Webster, Cheryl Czerlanis, Deborah Barnish, Suzanne Robertazzi, John Burger, Carrie Holland, John Lee
Improving Specimen Integrity in Transport: A Six Sigma Approach
Jeffrey L. Lawrence
Innovative integration and use of well-known Information Technology tools to support the management of ISO Quality and Environmental Standards in a clinical laboratory
D. M. Périgo, A. S. E. Gonçalves, D. P. Santos, Rogerio Rabelo
Interobserver Variability in the Interpretation of Routine Gynecological Specimens Within A Large Practice
Frederick A. Meier, Ruan Varney, Sudha R. Kini, Arthur R. Gaba, Chad H. Stone, Daniel S. Schultz, Antoinette Klimowicz, Mona Bansal, Colleen Vrbin, Richard J. Zarbo
Laura Sciacovelli, Martina Zaninotto, Mario Plebani
Laboratory Turnaround Time Improvement for Emergency Department Services Using Innovative Solutions
Gloria Zuroff, Marjorie Merkey, Susan Yost
New Tools and Approaches for Monitoring and Analyzing Internal and External Clinical Laboratory Performance
Ilira Shtepani, Kit Johnson, Norman Neumann
Ordering Genetic Tests and Reporting Results: Communication is Key
Ira M. Lubin, Carolyn Constantin
Partnering to Promote an Understanding of ISO 15189:2003
Linda Crawford, Julie Coffey, Harold Richardson
Pathology resident education in laboratory administration and clinical chemistry is less effective than other areas of pathology, as measured by the ASCP Resident In-service Examination (RISE)
Barbara J. McKenna, Laura Culver-Edgar
Proficiency Testing Accuracy in the United States
Daniel C. Edson
Quality Improvement Through Investigation of External Quality Assessment Discordant Findings
Harold Richardson, Jane Gun-Munro
Reduce Pre-Analytic Errors at Hospital: A Joint Six Sigma Project with Quest Diagnostics and a Hospital Customer
John Bower
Relative Frequency of Mislabeled Laboratory Samples from the Emergency Department (ED) Compared to Other Hospital Areas
Linda M. Sandhaus, Kennan J. Sauder, Edward Michelson
Results of a Survey of Prothrombin Time Testing Practices in the Pacific Northwest, 2004
Shahram Shahangian, Kathy LaBeau
Root Cause Analysis for Pap test Diagnostic Errors Due to Sampling Using a Lean Production System Improves Specimen Quality
Stephen S. Raab, Jennifer Condel, Colleen M. Vrbin
The Impact of Gynecologic Pathology Diagnostic Errors on Patient Care
Dana Marie Grzybicki, Colleen M. Vrbin, Danielle Pirain, Stephen S. Raab
The Role of Education in Heightening Awareness and Broadening the Knowledge Base of Laboratory Professionals
Theresa M. Somrak
The Science of Patient Safety: Longitudinal Studies in an Environment of Change. Wagar, E. A.* Hilborne, L. H., Yasin, B. Tamashiro, L., Bruckner, D.A. UCLA Healthcare and Department of Pathology and Lab. Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Elizabeth A. Wagar, Lee H. Hilborne, Bushra Yasin, Lorraine L. Tamashiro, David A. Bruckner
Use of Hospital Antibiograms as a Quality Indicator
Martha S. Boehme, Patricia A. Somsel
Use of patient data to derive long term random error in laboratory assays: Application to glycohemoglobin testing
George Cembrowski, David V. Tran, Tammy L Hofer, Terrence Lee
Using Laboratory Automation and Process Improvement to Eliminate Manual Steps and Related Error
Sam C. Terese
Utilization of tests for hypercoagulability as observed at a reference laboratory
Brian R. Jackson, Shannon R. Swenson, George M. Rodgers
Variability in Cytologic-Histologic Correlation Practices and Implications on Patient Safety
Dana Marie Grzybicki, Colleen M. Vrbin, Stephen S. Raab

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