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River Terrace 3
Tuesday, May 9, 2006: 3:00 PM-4:45 PM

B7: Guidance and implementation strategies for expedited partner therapy

Learning Objectives: By the end of this session, attendees will be familiar with the CDC guidance for EPT and will be able to discuss implementation issues related to using EPT as an option for sex partner management.

Moderator:Matthew Hogben
3:00 PMEvidence summary and CDC guidance for expedited partner therapy
H. Hunter Handsfield
3:20 PMPatient-delivered partner treatment for chlamydia in California: legislation, implementation, and evaluation
Heidi Bauer
3:40 PMInstitution and evaluation of a population-based program of EPT for gonorrhea and chlamydial infection in King County, Washington
Matthew R. Golden
4:00 PMLaws, regulations, and policies that are relevant to the practice of expedited partner therapy
James G. Hodge, Amy Pulver
4:20 PMModeling the impact of expedited partner therapy on chlamydial prevalence as a function of statewide implementation
Peter J. White

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC