The findings and conclusions in these presentations have not been formally disseminated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and should not be construed to represent any agency determination or policy.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006: 5:00 PM-6:15 PM

PS9: Health Services & STD Program Issues

Adjusting static decision analysis models of STD screening programs to incorporate population-level transmission impacts
Harrell W. Chesson, Thomas L. Gift
Consolidating Community Screening Intake Procedures Lead to an Increase in Syphilis and HIV Testing
Denise Freeman, Toni Flemming, K. Robinson, Glen Olthoff, P. Burnett, Sheridan Maxwell Johnson
DIS Client Satisfaction Survey Project
Marisela D. Babcock, Peggy O'Halloran
Effect of Mailing Cost Reimbursements on Reporting Timeliness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Oana E. Vasiliu, Jennifer M. Bissette, Jeffrey A. Stover, Corina M. Sirbu
Electronic Lab Reporting: Successes and Ongoing Challenges
Jennifer Baumgartner, Robin R. Hennessy, Susan Blank, Damarys Cordova, Hadi Makki, Megan Saynisch, Julia A. Schillinger
Emergency Department STD and HIV Screening: Findings from a National Survey
Thomas L. Gift, Matthew Hogben
Enhancing Performance: Implementing National STD Prevention Performance Measures
Dayne Collins, Betty Apt, Norm Fikes, Jami Leichliter, Thomas A. Peterman, Steven Shapiro
Evaluation of the feasibility and acceptability of implementing an STD and Rapid HIV testing program in an urban urgent care center
Ellen T. Rudy, Chandra Higgins, Lisa Smith, Guillermo Campos, Cynthia Davison, Jeanette Brown, Regina Umukoro, Peter Kerndt
Maximizing DIS Resources: Reactor Database Analysis
Terry Lo, Gail Gould, Barbara Allen, Romni Neiman, Joe Sanchez, Michael C. Samuel, Gail Bolan
PENS Houston: An Innovative Approach to Partner Elicitation and Notification Services
Osama Ibrahim, Marcia Wolverton, Lupita Thornton, Amanda Kubala
RN-managed STI Screening & Treatment Program: Increasing opportunities for education and service access
Kamila A. Alexander
Self-Reported Sexually Transmitted Infections in a Multinational Urban Emergency Department
Kyle T. Bernstein, Elissa Moore, Ann Nguyen, Nancy Kwon, Lewis Goldfrank
STD patients seeking care elsewhere: public health clinics decrease and private/emergency room cases increase in Wichita, Kansas 2000-2004
Sandra E. Pickert, Doren D. Fredrickson, Derek Coppedge, Howard Rodenberg, Claudia Blackburn
Successful Utilization of Tuberculosis Clinic as a Portal for Identification of HIV Status and Treatment for STD and HIV
Pradnya Tambe, Ruby Lewis Hardy
That was then, this is now!!! The story of the transformation of the PR Health Dept Institute of Laboratories
Francisco J. Davila-Toro
Too much paperwork? Come see Idaho's Lab Requisition/Data Collection form!
Annabeth Elliott
Utilizing STD*MIS to manage data associated with community screening activities by both the Health Department and Community Based Partners
P. Burnett, Glen Olthoff, Scott Tulloch, Jonathan Ellen

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC