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Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 3:30 PM-4:45 PM

PS23: Viral STDs: HIV

HIV Counseling and Testing, Puerto Rico, 2000-2004
Zaira Kianes-Perez, Luis Chiroque, Manuel Rodriguez-Bidot, Johany Velazquez, Trinidad Garcia
Male circumcision and risk of HIV infection among heterosexual men attending Baltimore STD clinics: an evaluation of clinic-based data
Lee Warner, Khalil G. Ghanem, Daniel R. Newman, Maurizio Macaluso, Emily Erbelding
CDC's Linkage to Care Studies: ARTAS-I and ARTAS-II
Jason A. Craw, Lytt I. Gardner
Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) against HIV following High-risk Exposure
Andrew Reynolds, Katherine Ahrens, Susan Philip, Robert Kohn, Charlotte K. Kent, Jeffrey D. Klausner
Trends in HIV incidence among men who have sex with men, San Francisco City municipal STD clinc, 2001-2004
Sandy Schwarcz, Charlotte K. Kent, Tim Kellogg, Willi McFarland, Jeffrey Klausner
Comprehensive HIV Testing Services in an STD Clinic: Standard Antibody, Rapid Antibody, and HIV RNA Testing
Katherine Ahrens, Giuliano Nieri, Susan Philip, Robert Kohn, Sally Liska, Ernest H. Wong, Brian Louie, Charlotte K. Kent, Jeffrey D. Klausner
Rapid versus Conventional HIV Testers; Are There Risk Differences?
Rachel Paneth-Pollak, Maushumi Mavinkurve, Steve Rubin, Julia A. Schillinger, Susan Blank
Integration of Rapid HIV Testing in Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics in New Jersey
Sindy M. Paul, Evan M. Cadoff, Eugene G. Martin, Maureen Wolski, Lorhetta Nicholl, Rhonda Williams, Monica Harvey-Talbot, Skip Drumm, Aye Maung Maung, Rose Marie Martin, Linda Berezny, Charles Taylor, Franchesca Jackson, Nisha Intwala, Gratian Salaru
Impact of Rapid HIV Testing on Receipt of Results in a Mobile Testing Setting
Marian M. Eldahaby, Jorge A. Montoya, Carol Magee, Tony Bustamante, Lisa V. Smith, Elaine Nitta, Jackie Moore, Peter R. Kerndt
Computer Counseling Makes Rapid HIV Testing Possible in a Busy Urgent Care
Freya Spielberg, Ann Kurth, Anneleen Severynen, Sara Mackenzie, Dave Holt, Cheryl Nankervis, C. Kevin Malotte, J. Dennis Fortenberry

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