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Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 3:30 PM-4:45 PM

PS11: Population Focus: Adolescents

Attitudes towards condom use and non-use among adolescents in two-parent families compared to those in other family structures
Daniel A. Audet, Cynthia Rosengard, David C. Dove, Kathleen Morrow, Michael D. Stein
Do Students Attending Pennsylvania Colleges Return from Spring Break with Chlamydia?
Beth H. Butler
Reasons for condom use and non-use with most recent main and non-main sexual partners among sexually experienced adolescents
Cynthia Rosengard, Kathleen Morrow, Rosalie Lopez, Daniel A. Audet, Michael D. Stein
Development and Evaluation of an Interactive HIV/STD Curriculum for Middle Schools
Richard C. Goldsworthy
Sexual risk-taking and treatment-seeking behaviors among pregnant adolescents: Implications for future interventions
Hope L. Johnson, Khalil G. Ghanem, Emily Erbelding
STD Predictors Among Incarcerated Girls: Looking Beyond Respondent Characteristics
Angela Robertson, Connie Baird-Thomas
Intervening in Douching Behavior: A Qualitative Study of Adolescent Daughters and Their Mothers
Hayley D. Mark, Joy Nanda, Susan Sherman, Tracey Chambers-Thomas, Mathilda Barnes, Anne Rompalo
Enhancing STD Prevention Education in Schools: Implementing Making the Connection Between HIV and STDs
Paul Gibson, Amy Vanessa Smith, Sandra Rose, Jasmin Delgado, Jennifer Rudy, Sharla Smith, Chris Berry, G. Bolan
High School-Based Screening for Chlamydia in Philadelphia: Projection of Cost-Savings Using a Dynamic Transmission Model
David N. Fisman, C. Victor Spain, Danielle Lawrence, Lenore Asbel, Melinda E. Salmon, Martin Goldberg

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC