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Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 3:30 PM-4:45 PM

PC15: Population Focus: Women

Condom Use and Vaginal Y-chromosome Detection: Further Characterization of a Potential Biomarker
Khalil G. Ghanem, Johan H. Melendez, Tukisa D. Smith, Jeffrey Yuenger, Julie A. Giles, Jonathan M. Zenilman
Partner Violence and Safer Sex: Are Prevention Programs Meeting the Needs of Women in Dangerous Relationships?
Michelle Teti, Susan Rubinstein, Linda Lloyd, Mary Ann Nkansa, Marla Gold
Prevalence and correlates of vaginal douching among women in the United States, 2001-2002
Madeline Y. Sutton, Carol Bruce, Maya R. Sternberg, Geraldine McQuillan, Juliette S. Kendrick, Emilia Koumans, Lauri Markowitz
Use of HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis in Adolescent Rape Victims
Elyse Olshen, Katherine K. Hsu, Elizabeth R. Woods, Marvin B. Harper, Brooke A. Harnisch, Cathryn L. Samples
Women Shed Light on New Approaches to Prevention for Heterosexual Men and Women
Susan Rubinstein, Michelle Teti, Linda Lloyd, Mary Ann Nkansa, Marla Gold

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC