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Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 3:30 PM-4:45 PM

PS18: Surveillance and Implication for Interventions

Increasing the STD-Risk Factor Data Collected on Cases Interviewed by Disease Intervention Specialists
Michael Gosciminski, Utpala Bandy, Linda Mouradjian, Carol Browning
Aberration Detection in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Surveillance
Philip Christopher Delcher, Michael C. Samuel, Jeff Stover, Denise Gilson, Jennifer Lachance
Geographic and Spatial Regression Analysis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Richmond, Virginia
Philip Christopher Delcher, Jeff Stover
Collaborative STD Intervention Targeting Young Males in a Metropolitan Area Based on GIS Mapping
Michael Gosciminski, Utpala Bandy, Carol Hall-Walker, Ana P. Novais, Christopher Harmon, Steve Sawyer, Helen T. McCarthy
Combating the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Using GIS, A Regional Perspective
Chris Chalmers
Suppression of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Data to Protect Confidentiality: At What Cost?
Kristine T. Edwards, Philip Christopher Delcher, Jeff Stover, Lori M. Newman, Sam Groseclose
Male Circumcision in STD Clinic Patients, San Francisco, 1996-2005
Jeffrey Klausner, Charlotte Kent, Robert Kohn
Increases in recent sexual partners reported by STD clinic patrons between 1995 and 2004
Gregory L. Greenwood, Cornelis Rietmeijer, Jeffrey D. Klausner, Charlotte K. Kent
Sexual Behavior in Men and Women Aged 14-59 Years in the United States: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999-2002
Sami L. Gottlieb, Maya R. Sternberg, Jami S. Leichliter, Lauri E. Markowitz

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC