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St. Johns
Tuesday, May 9, 2006: 3:00 PM-4:45 PM

B5: Challenges in Information Management

3:00 PMAlternative notification strategies during resource-poor times: confirming patient treatment via provider fax
Sarah L. Guerry, Joselene Samson, Claris Gillis, Patricia Barnett, Kai-Jen Cheng
3:15 PMRole of Epidemiologic and Analytic Support in Maximizing Effectiveness of Local STD Control Program Efforts
C. Victor Spain, Mindy J. Perilla, Christa Seidman, Michael Eberhart
3:30 PMElectronic Medical Records: Using Cutting Edge Technology to Improve Care in STD Clinics in New York City
Kate F. Washburn, Maushumi Mavinkurve, Rachel Paneth-Pollak, Stephen Giannotti, Susan Blank
3:45 PMLessons Learned: Implications of a Web-Based STD Morbidity Reporting System in Michigan
Kathryn E. Macomber
4:00 PMWho's Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A Survey of STD Programs
Jennifer M. Bissette, Jeffrey A. Stover, Philip Christopher Delcher
4:15 PMUse of a Personal Data Assistant to collect Sexual Risk Behaviors in Men Who Have Sex With Men with Incident Syphilis: A Pilot Study
Jerome T. Galea, Pamina M. Gorbach, Michelle Roldolph, Leanne Olea, Marco Reyes, Eleanor Tupas, Ann Bustamante, Leslie Zuniga, David Tesfaye, Peter R. Kerndt

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC