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River Terrace 2
Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM

C7: Innovations and Challenges in Syphilis Elimination Efforts

Learning Objectives: NA

10:00 AMEffectiveness of a Highly Mobile, Incidence-Based, Community Outreach Screening Program
Chris Serio-Chapman, Abdul Jamaal, P. Burnett, Glen Olthoff, Denise Freeman
10:15 AMEvaluation of a “Syphilis Blitz” for Success of New Syphilis Case Finding
Laura Herrera, P. Burnett, Glen Olthoff, Scott Tulloch, Jonathan Ellen, Emily Erbelding
10:30 AMIn-Depth Interviews of Women with Early Syphilis in Chicago, Illinois, 2005
Heather A. Lindstrom, Lora Branch, Gus Conda, Cassandra Davis, Irina Tabidze, William Wong, Carol Ciesielski
10:45 AMIdentifying likely syphilis transmitters: Implications for control and evaluation
RH Kahn, Thomas A. Peterman, J. Arno, EJ Coursey, Stuart Berman
11:00 AMCongenital Syphilis Risk Factors and Previously Unreported Cases in New Mexico, 1990-2003
Amy Robbins, Michael Landen, Sarah Valway
11:15 AMIs the classic "sentinel event" of congenital syphilis relevant today? A case for a paradigm shift to a new sentinel marker
Karla Schmitt

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC