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River Terrace 1
Wednesday, May 10, 2006: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM

LB1: Latebreaker Session

4:00 PMA brief waiting room video intervention reduces incident sexually transmitted infections among STD clinic patients
Lee Warner, Cornelis Rietmeijer, Jeffrey D. Klausner, Lydia O'Donnell, C. Kevin Malotte, Andrew Margolis, Gregory L. Greenwood, Douglas Richardson, Carl O'Donnell, Shelley M. Vrungos, Craig B. Borkowf, the Safe City Study Group
4:15 PMMediation Analysis of an Effective Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for Women
Ann OLeary, Loretta Sweet Jemmott, John B. III. Jemmott
4:30 PMAsymptomatic Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Risk-Taking Behaviors are Commonly Detected among HIV-Infected Patients in Care: Lessons from the Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV/AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (SUN Study) Cohort
Kenneth H. Mayer, Keith Henry, Timothy Bush, Richard Groger, Lois Conley, Jean Richardson, John T. Brooks
4:45 PMLymphogranumola Venereum (LGV) in the UK: national surveillance of a re-emerging disease
Helen Ward
5:00 PMUrban Adolescent Women's Experiences with Oral Sex Behaviors
Daniel H. Reirden, Christine Forke, Bret J. Rudy, Richard Hodinka, Donald F. Schwarz
5:15 PMIdentification of Chlamydia-Associated Risk Factors in Females Over Age 20 Seeking Family Planning Services in California: Implications for Chlamydia Screening Recommendations in Lower Prevalent Populations
Holly Howard, Joan M. Chow, Melanie Deal, Heidi Bauer, Erika Samoff, Gail Bolan

The 2006 National STD Prevention Conference of CDC