The findings and conclusions in these presentations have not been formally disseminated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and should not be construed to represent any agency determination or policy.

Continental Ballroom
Wednesday, March 12, 2008: 3:45 PM-5:15 PM

PS2: Poster Session 2

A Comparison of Characteristics and Behaviors of Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) Recruited from Gay-identified Venues and MSM Recruited from the Internet
Vivian L. Towe, Frangiscos Sifakis, Colin Flynn, David D. Celentano
ALERT - Best Practice in Miami Florida: An Encouraging Collaboration with the Miami-Dade County Health Department STD Program
Lori S. Jordahl, Andra L. Thomas
School-based Screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: A Ten-year Experience
Malanda Nsuami, Stephanie N. Taylor, David H. Martin
Five Years, 85,000 Tests Later: Trends from Philadelphia High School STD Screening Program
Greta L. Anschuetz, Melinda E. Salmon, Lenore Asbel, C. Victor Spain, Martin Goldberg
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Trends Among Women Aged 15-24 Years Attending Region VI Infertility Prevention Project Family Planning and STD Clinics, 1996 - 2007
Florastine Mack, David Fine, Dan Weiner, Region VI IPP Data Subcommittee
Adherence to Regional Chlamydia Screening Criteria and Opportunities to Increase Screening Coverage for Female Clients of Family Planning and STD Clinics
Region II IPP Advisory Committee
Case of Fatal Disseminated Gonococcal Infection — Chicago, Illinois, 2006
Ingrid C. Trevino, Lori Newman, Hillard Weinstock, Susan Gerber, Vancy Bridges, Robert Citronberg
A Tale of Two Populations: Chlamydia trachomatis Among Men Attending Region X Infertility Prevention Project STD Clinics, 2000-2006
Sharon Bogan, David Fine
Chlamydia Prevalence In Colleges/Universities in Georgia
LaKeshia M Strong
Neisseria gonorrhea and Chlamydia trachomatis Screening and Diagnosis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Akbar M. Shahkolahi, Paige Diamant, Asha Norris, Gray Border, Celestine Hakiruwizera, Ala Baloum, B. W. Furness
Empiric Treatment for Gonorrhea Among Patients with Cervicitis: Evaluation of a Recommendation in the CDC 2006 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines
Robin S. Recant, Preeti Pathela
HIV/STI Associated Risk Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Catalonia, Spain
Cinta Folch, Rafa Muñoz, Kati Zaragoza, Jordi Casabona
Using Choice-based Conjoint Exercise to Assess Self-reported Serosorting Among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Cruising the Internet for Sex
Jorge A. Montoya, Aaron Plant, P. Richard McCullough, Peter Kerndt
BRFSS: STD-related Behavioral Surveillance in New York State
Rosalind P. Thomas, Brigitte Bekan Homawoo, F. Bruce Coles
Forced Sex and STDs Among a National Probability Sample of Men Aged 18-44 Years
Christopher Zhang, Guoyu Tao
ASHA's Web-based STI Forums: Questions and Concerns of Women and Men
Fred Wyand, Danna Bower, Betsy O'Rourke, Amy Shea
Family Communication about Sex and Adolescents' Sexual Behavior: Incarcerated Males' and Female' Perspectives
Candace Tannis, Cynthia Rosengard, Kathleen Morrow, David C. Dove, Rosalie Lopez, Daniel A. Audet, L.A.R. Stein, Michael D. Stein
Incarcerated Adolescents' Perspectives and Experiences of Partner Communication about Sexually Transmitted Disease/HIV Risk
David C. Dove, Cynthia Rosengard, Kathleen Morrow, L.A.R. Stein, Rosalie Lopez, Daniel A. Audet, Michael D. Stein
Screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in Family Court, Philadelphia, PA
Martin Goldberg, Melinda E. Salmon, Caroline Johnson
Managing Cost While Identifying More Disease Through Targeted Utilization of Available Testing Technologies
Amy S. Peterson, James Rudrik, Kathryn E. Macomber, Kristine M. Judd
Eliminate Syhilis and HIV by Involving the Community
Monica M. Tunstle Garrett
Utilizing the Power of the Internet to Reach High-risk Youth and MSM: The Massachusetts Experience
David S. Novak, Thomas Bertrand
Increases in Syphilis Testing Following a Syphilis Awareness Media Campaign – Chicago, Illinois, 2004–2006
Laurie L. Anderson, Lisa Varella, William Wong
Designing the “I Know” Social Marketing Campaign to Promote Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing Among Young Women of Color in Urban Los Angeles
Jorge A. Montoya, Christopher M. O'Leary, Aaron Plant, Harlan Rotblatt, Peter Kerndt
What Does a Healthy Penis, Talking Dogs and SexINFO Text Messaging All Have In Common: Innovative Social Marketing Strategies
Jacqueline McCright, Jeffrey Klausner, Frank V. Strona, Alonzo Gallaread, Deborah K. Levine, Les Pappas, Mikael Wagner
Michigan STD Accreditation
Patricia Villegas, Ronald Spates
Update on STD Performance Measures and Goals
Robert Nelson, Dayne Collins, Molly Dowling, Rich Voigt
STD Testing Among Women Receiving Care in Private Medical Settings: An Examination of Testing Practices Based on an Analysis of Private Insurance Claims, 2003
Chantelle J. Owens, Thomas L. Gift
Health Care Access and Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening Frequency Among at Risk Massachusetts Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
Sari L. Reisner, Matthew J. Mimiaga, Carey V. Johnson, Ashley M. Tetu, Kevin Cranston, David S. Novak, Kenneth H. Mayer
Analytical Performance of the Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA) Trichomonas vaginalis Assay in Liquid-based Cytology Media
Aparna Aiyer, Barbara Weinbaum, Mychelle Fernandez, Damon Getman
Time from Treatment to Negative PCR Results for C. trachomatis , N. gonorrhoeae , and T. vaginalis
James A. Williams, Barbara Van Der Pol, Susan Ofner, Byron Batteiger, Donald P. Orr, J. Dennis Fortenberry
Evaluation of Repeat Testing for Positive Samples of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Using the Gen-Probe Aptima Combo 2 Assay
Edith A. Hawkins, Mary Noel Dodd, Adelbert James, Region IV IPP Lab Subcommittee, Richard Steece
Survey of Syphilis Testing Algorithms Using Treponemal Screening Tests
Nandini Selvam, Julia A. Schillinger, Ronald Ballard, Stuart M. Berman, Robert Johnson, Susan Hariri, Thomas A. Peterman
A Multi-state Reproducibility Study of an Amplification Assay
Susanne N. Zanto, James L. Beebe, Michael Trythall, Yvette Thomas, Tom Sharpton, Claudia Rogers, Richard Steece
Performance of Two Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs) for the Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Using Self-collected Vaginal Swabs Obtained from an Internet-based Screening Program
Nicole Quinn, Patricia Agreda, Bulbul Aumakhan, Mathilda Barnes, Pamela Whittle, Mary Terry Hogan, Charlotte A. Gaydos
Self-collected Versus Provider-collected Rectal Screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in Men Who Have Sex with Men
Christine L. Wigen, Ellen T. Rudy, Elisa Clay, Robert Bolan, Jason Hall, Sarah L. Guerry, Peter Kerndt
Impact of Chlamydia trachomatis Serovars on the Analytical Sensitivity of the GEN-PROBE® APTIMA Combo 2® Assay and New BD ProbeTec™ CTQx and GCQx Amplified DNA Assays*
Christine Welborn, Tom L. Brink, Amy Lloyd, Daryl Shank, William Lebar
Multiplex Cytokine Assay of Cervicovaginal Lavage (CVL) Samples from Women Attending an Urban STD Clinic
Sabrina R. Kendrick, Tin T. Thomas, Carolyn Pierce, Mieoak Bahk, Reza Zariffard, Hua Y. Chen, Robert Balderas, Alan Landay, Gregory T. Spear
Abbott RealTime CT/NG Assay with Modified Formulation that Detects the Chlamydia trachomatis Variant Containing a 377 bp Cryptic Plasmid Deletion
Shiaolan Y. Ho, Barbara Van Der Pol, James A. Williams, Amy D. Pantone, Jie Lai-Zhang, Erika M. Webb, Catherine P. Barry, Won S. Choi, Klara Abravaya, John M. Robinson
Pooling Specimens: A Decade of Successful Cost Savings
Sandy Jirsa
Chlamydia Screening and Partner Notification: What Doctors Didn't Know
Greg Stephenson, Jason Cummins, Alhambra Frarey, Marcie Orlowski, Blair Tedinger, Kimber Richter
PNP and IPN: Impact of the Internet on a P&S Syphilis Outbreak in Central New York and Its Control
Kelly Firenze, Patricia Bowers, Dana Rinaldo
Effectiveness of Enhanced and Cluster Interviewing to Reduce Early Syphilis and Gonorrhea Morbidity in a Northern California County
Bradley Allan Jacobson, Cara L. Silva, Swati Deshpande, Vivian Levy
Utilizing STD Disease Intervention Specialists for Case Follow-up of Reported Hepatitis C in Individuals Between the Ages of 15 and 25 Years: A 3-month Pilot Program
Shauna Onofrey, Daniel Church, Dawn Heisey-Grove, Patricia Briggs, Thomas Bertrand, Alfred DeMaria
Building Local Health Department HIV Program Capacity: Promising Practices for Conducting HIV Field Notification and Partner Services
Fern Orenstein, Felicia Noonis, Romni Neiman, Denise Tafoya, Joe Sanchez, Edwin Lopez, J. Phoenix Smith, Gail Bolan
Congenital Syphilis in Puerto Rico, 2000-2006
Manuel A. Rodriguez-Bidot, Zaira Kianes-Perez, Jose Colon-Garcia, Luis Chiroque, Trinidad Garcia
Comparison of Neonatal HSV Risk Factors in Cesarean and Vaginal Deliveries
Suzanne E. Powell, Fujie Xu, Julianne Gee, Kenneth M. Zangwill, Feifei Wei, Lauri Markowitz
U.S. Neonatal Circumcision Rates Among Commercially Insured Persons, 2005
Thomas L. Gift, Karen Hoover
Preference for HIV Testing Methods and Factors Associated with Choice of an HIV Test Among Urban Adolescents
Tanya Kowalczyk Mullins, Paula K. Braverman, Lorah D. Dorn, Linda M. Kollar, Jessica A. Kahn
Sexually Transmitted Disease Knowledge and Infections with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Among High School Students
Malanda Nsuami, Ladatra S. Sanders, Stephanie N. Taylor
High School Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Screening Program: A State Project Area's Perspective
Stephen J. Kowalewski
Chlamydia Screening Among High School Students in Mississippi
David Peyton, Leandro Mena, Rozlyn Zuber
Managing a Syphilis Outbreak on a Rural Southwestern American Indian Reservation
Alfonso Urquidi
Between Idea and Act Falls the Shadow: Discrepancies Between STD Testing Attitudes and Behavior in a Survey of Young African American and Latina Women
Harlan Rotblatt, Christopher M. O'Leary, Jorge A. Montoya, Aaron Plant, Peter R. Kerndt
Latino HIV Prevention: From Diffusion of Innovation Theory to a Trans-theoretical Model
Patricia Canessa
Factors Affecting Condom Use and STD Communication Among Asian-Indian College Students: Exploring Controversial Issues
Keith A. King, Anu Singh, Rebecca A. Vidourek
Building Capacity to Address STD/HIV Racial Health Disparities in California
Amy Vanessa Smith, Michael C. Samuel, Erika Samoff, A. Rain Mocello, Susan E. Watson, Tia-Nicole Leak, Heidi M. Bauer, Paul Gibson, Dan Wohlfeiler, Alice Gandelman, Edwin Lopez, Gail Bolan
Predicting Pregnancy Risk in Women
Liza Zolot, Debra Bell, Moises Maravi, Judith C. Shlay
Prevalence Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Women Who Have Sex with Women, Emphasizing African Americans: Implications for Research and Policy
Christina Muzny, Leandro Mena
The Gender-neutral Sexual History
P. Davis Smith
Exploring the Roles of Impression Management and Gender Norm Conformity in Relation to Sexual History Disclosure
Serena C. Lo, Paul J. Poppen, Sarah K. Calabrese
Adapting a Behavioral Counseling Model for STD Clinicians
Kim E. Toevs
Repeat Testing of Females for Chlamydial Infection: An Evaluation of Current Practices
Region II IPP Advisory Committee
It's Back! Repeat Syphilis Infection Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Chicago, IL, 2004-2006
Irina Tabidze, Anna Hotton, Nanette Benbow, William Wong
Re-testing for Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Massachusetts Family Planning Clinics
Marie Ellen Caggiano, William Dumas, Thomas Bertrand, Katherine Hsu, Sylvie Ratelle
Repeat Gonococcal and Chlamydial Infections Among STD Clinic Clients – Chicago 2002-2006
Jennifer Broad, Nanette Benbow, William Wong
Syphilis and HIV Co-infection, Puerto Rico, 2004-2006
Zaira Kianes-Perez, Luis Chiroque, Manuel A. Rodriguez-Bidot, Trinidad Garcia, Jose Colon-Garcia
How Integrating STD and HIV Testing Site Information Enhances Prevention Efforts
Jane E. McIntyre
The Implications of Syphilis Electronic Laboratory Reporting on a Morbidity-based Disease Reporting System
Kathryn E. Macomber, Elizabeth Lewis
Using GIS to Evaluate Utilization of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Services in a Northern California County with Substantial HIV Late Presentation
Janet J. Tang, Cara L. Silva, Vivian Levy
The Quest for Better Data – Transmission and Merging of Infertility Prevention Project Electronic and Hard-Copy Data Elements Between the Laboratory, Data Warehouse, and Program Using a Unique Identifier
Christianne Biggs, William Brannon, David Fine, Region X. IPP Laboratory Subcommittee
Development and Implementation of an Electronic Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) System in Dutchess County, New York
Audrey M. Waltner, Andrew S. Evans Jr, Michael C. Caldwell
How Men Who Have Sex with Men Conceptualize and Manage Their Risk of Contracting Syphilis: Results from Qualitative Research
Christopher M. O'Leary, Aaron Plant, Jorge A. Montoya, Harlan Rotblatt, Peter R. Kerndt
Neurosyphilis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Chicago, IL, 2006
Irina Tabidze, Anna Hotton, Nanette Benbow, William Wong
Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Georgia 2000 – 2006
Binh Le, Reginald Robinson, Linda Allen Johnson
Testing Behavior and Perceived Risk for Syphilis in a Time-space Sample of Men Who Have Sex with Men
Aaron Plant, Jorge A. Montoya, Christopher M. O'Leary, Harlan Rotblatt, Peter Kerndt
An Evaluation of Syphilis Outbreak Response Plans, 2005-2006
Ranell L. Myles, John Beltrami, Delicia Carey, Cindy Gay, Kevin O'Connor, Sam Groseclose
Increased Knowledge of Safe and Appropriate Syphilis Treatment After Viewing Brief Instructional Video Titled “How to Inject Bicillin LA”
Sarah Gertler, Katherine Ahrens, J.D. Klausner
On-line Syphilis Testing In San Francisco, 2003-2007
Robert Kohn, Deborah K. Levine, Jacqueline McCright, Andrew Woodruff, Kyle T. Bernstein, Jeffrey D. Klausner
Performance and Utility of a Rapid, Point of Care Test for Hepatitis C Using Oral Fluid, Blood, Serum and Plasma
Stephen R. Lee, Keith W. Kardos, Graham Yearwood, Geraldine Guillon, Lisa Kurtz, Mark Fischl, Vijaya Mokkapati
Utilizing a Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type Specific Antibody Test to Determine HSV 2 Sero-prevalence and Test Acceptance in STD Clinic Settings
Richard Zimmerman
Characteristics Associated with Genital Herpes Testing Among Young Adults, 18-24
Lisa Gilbert, Brooke A. Levandowski, Craig M. Roberts
Rural Residence is Associated with Late HIV Diagnosis -- South Carolina, 2001-2005
Kristina E. Weis, Ivo Foppa, Angela D. Liese, James Hussey, Lynda Kettinger, Terri Stephens, Jerry Gibson, Wayne A. Duffus
Population-based Trends in HIV Prevalence and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Timothy William Menza, H. Hunter Handsfield, Matthew R. Golden
Characterizing the “No Show” Phenomenon and the Predictors of Poor Retention in Care Among HIV-infected Individuals in South Carolina, January 1 2004 to June 30 2007
Ikechukwu Udo Ogbuanu, Lynda Kettinger, Terri Stephens, Jerry Gibson, Wayne A. Duffus
Retention in HIV Medical-care and Its Relationship to Demographic and Transmission Risk Factors – South Carolina, 2004
Bankole Olatosi, Lynda Kettinger, Terri Stephens, Jerry Gibson, Wayne A. Duffus
HIV Medical-care Status and Its Relationship to Hospital Facilities Utilization – South Carolina, 2004-2005
Bankole Olatosi, Lynda Kettinger, Terri Stephens, Jerry Gibson, Wayne A. Duffus
Partner Notification for HPV infection
Karen Hoover, Matthew Hogben, Allison L. Friedman
Reaching American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Communities with Culturally Appropriate HPV Educational Materials: Findings from Partner Outreach and Materials Testing Research
Allison L. Friedman, Hilda Shepeard, Cady Berkel

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