Update on STD Performance Measures and Goals

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Continental Ballroom
Robert Nelson, MPH , Division of STD Prevention, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Dayne Collins, BS , Division of STD Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Molly Dowling, MPH, CHES , Division of STD Prevention, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Rich Voigt, MA , Division of STD Prevention, CDC, Atlanta, GA

The Division of STD Prevention, in collaboration with grantees and the National Coalition of STD Directors, has implemented performance measures (PMs) with the goal of improving STD program activities, promoting data usage for decision making, and increasing accountability. Since 2004, 16 performance measures have been developed to address program activities including infertility prevention, medical and laboratory services, partner services, syphilis elimination, and statistics & data management.

Describe selected performance measures and goals reported by grantees.

Performance measure data were analyzed using SAS. Comparisons of goal and index data focused on Proportion Syphilis Interviews within 7 Days (PS1), Proportion Syphilis Contact Treatment within 7 Days (PS2), Clusters Tested (PS3), Clusters Treated (PS4), CT Treatment at FP Sites within 14 Days (CS1), and GC Treatment within 14 Days (CS2).

As of December 2006, 58 of 60 required grantees have submitted PM data. 62% of grantees entered goal data for at least one measure for 2005, 75% for 2006, 33% for 2007, and 85% for 2008. 2008 or 2007 goals are available from 52 grantees for PS1, 50 for PS2, 50 for PS3, 47 for PS4, 47 for CS1, and 42 for CS2. The median index for these PMs for the July-December 2006 reporting period was PS1 .43; PS2 .31; PS3 .10; PS4 .01; CS1 .72; and CS2 .77. The median ratio of performance level to the corresponding 2007/2008 goal was PS1 .68; PS2 .55; PS3 .20; PS4 .01; CS1 .90; and CS2 .94.

Reporting is not even across all measures, with CS2 being the most underreported of the PM analyzed. PS2, PS3, and PS4 all show large median difference between index and goal.

Full reporting of mandatory STD performance measures by all grantees has yet to be achieved. Additionally, there is room for improvement in selecting realistic, attainable performance measure goals.
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