How Integrating STD and HIV Testing Site Information Enhances Prevention Efforts

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Continental Ballroom
Jane E. McIntyre, BA , CDC NPIN, Danya International, Inc, Silver Spring, MD

The Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP) identified the need for a nationwide STD testing resource. The challenge was to develop a resource that would facilitate the public's access to STD testing with very limited resources. Through a collaborative effort between DSTDP and the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, a solution was developed that would incorporate STD testing into the National HIV Testing Resources website. Currently maintained by the National Prevention Information Network (NPIN), draws information on HIV testing sites from NPIN's comprehensive Organizations Database. This database also contains information on over 5,800 organizations throughout the United States that provide STD testing. Therefore, NPIN was assigned the task of developing an Internet STD testing resource utilizing the existing website.

Integrate STD testing into the National HIV Testing Resources website.

High-level collaboration between STD and HIV stakeholders to develop and approve integration approach
Design and user testing
Programming, testing, and implement

Integrated source for both STD and HIV testing site information.

Using the existing website was a cost-effective, efficient way to provide STD testing site information to users and to provide a platform for integrating STD and HIV testing and prevention.

Provides one-stop shop for HIV and STD testing information
Promotes STD testing as an integral part of prevention and treatment
Provides significant opportunities to synergize messages and campaigns while capitalizing on similar target audiences
Provides the first step in developing other electronic applications for accessing STD testing location information, such as through cell phones and PDAs
Provides testing campaign sponsors with a means of evaluating the effectiveness of testing campaigns by tracking searches done in campaign areas before, during and after campaigns
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