J.D. Klausner, MD, MPH

San Francisco Department of Public Health
STD Prevention and Control Services
1360 Mission St, Suite # 401
San Francisco, CA
USA 94103
Email: Jeff.Klausner@sfdph.org

Biographical Sketch:
1991-1992 Intern, Medicine, NYU-Bellevue Hospital Center, NY 1992-1994 Resident, Medicine, NYU-Bellevue Hospital Center, NY 1995 Attending Physician, St. Memorial Hospital, Lowell, MA 1995-1997 Officer, Epidemic Intelligence Service, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 1997-1998 Senior Fellow, Infectious Diseases, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1998-Present Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco 1998-Present Medical Director, City Clinic, S.F. STD Clinic 1998-Present Director, San Francisco, Department of Public Health, STD Services Publications: 1. Guerry SL, Bauer HM, Klausner JD, Branagan B, Kerndt PR, Allen BG, Bolan G.Recommendations for the selective use of herpes simplex virus type 2 serological tests. Clin Infect Dis. 2005 Jan 1;40(1):38-45. Epub 2004 Dec 06. 2. 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