Janet Arno, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine
Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
Marion County Health Department: Bell Flower Clinic
1101 West Tenth Street
Indianapolis, IN
USA 46202
Email: jarno@iupui.edu

Biographical Sketch:
Area of research: HSV I cellular immunology: 1983-1986; Chlamydia trachomatis immunology 1988-1999; STD services and epidemiology: 1999-present. Representative publications: Arno JN, Xie C, Jones RB and Van Der Pol B. Identification of T Cells that respond to serovar-specific epitopes in individuals with Chlamydia trachomatis Serovar E infection. J Infect Dis; 178: 1713-18, 1998. Hennessy M, Mercier MM, Williams, SP, Arno, JN. Client Preferences for STD/HIV Prevention Programs. Evaluation and Program Planning 25: 117-124, 2002. Rosenman MB. Kraft SK. Harezlak J. Mahon BE. Katz BP. Wang J. Arno JN. Syphilis testing in association with gonorrhea/chlamydia testing during a syphilis outbreak. American Journal of Public Health. 94(7):1124-6, 2004. Kahn R, Peterman T, Arno, J, Coursey EJ and Berman, S. Identifying Likely Syphilis Transmitters: Implications for Control and Evaluation. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 33(10):630-5, 2006 Oct. Crosby R, Yarber WL, Sanders SA, Graham CA, McBride K, Milhausen RP, Arno JN. Men With Broken Condoms: Who and Why? Sexually Transmitted Infections: STI: STI Online First 11/10/2006. Crosby R, Yarber WL, Sanders SA, Graham CA, McBride K, Milhausen RP, Arno JN. Erection loss in association with condom use among young men attending a public STI clinic: potential correlates and implications for risk behaviour, Sexual Health, 2006; 3(4). Yarber, WL, Crosby, RA, Graham, CA, Sanders SA, Arno JN, Hartzell RM, MS McBride K, Milhausen R, PhD, Brown L, Legocki LA, Payne M, and Rothring A.. Correlates of putting condoms on after sex has begun and of removing them before sex ends: A study of men attending an urban public STD clinic. American Journal of Men’s Health 5/23/2007. Crosby R, Yarber WL Yarber, Lee, W. Graham, CA, Sanders SA, Arno JN. Slips, Breaks, and Falls: Condom Errors and Problems Reported By Men Attending An STD Clinic in its current form for publication in the International Journal of STD & AIDS. 2008; 19: 90–93. Crosby, R, Yarber, WL, Graham C, Sanders SA. A Theory-Based Approach to Understanding Condom Errors and Problems Reported By Men Attending An STI Clinic, AIDS and Behavior.2008 12:412–418. Fife, KH, Van Der Pol, B, Roth AM, Brand, J, Arno, JN, , Madlem, J, Juliar BE, Katz BP, Williams, JA, Zimet GD, and Fortenberry, JD. Implementation of routine Access to Herpes Simplex Virus Antibody Testing in a Public Health STD Clinic. Sex. Trans. Dis. 2009 in press.