Greta Anschuetz, MPH

Philadelphia Department of Public Health
STD Control Program
500 S Broad St
Phialdelphia, PA
USA 19146

Biographical Sketch:
2006-Present - STD epidemiologist for Philadelphia Department of Public Health · Responsible for analyzing STD (Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea) data for Philadelphia County for weekly, monthly and annual reports. · Creating weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual automated programs using SQL and Macros in SAS 9.1 · Conducted statistical analysis using time until event statistics, logistic regression, and time dependent covariates. · Creating and using forms in Access o Creating queries to extract specific data. · Creating maps with ArcMap for weekly syphilis report, yearly Chlamydia distribution in 15-19 year olds in Philadelphia, and various other projects. · Received special training in AnyDoc® Software, Template Design and recreated the medical record forms for the STD clinics in Philadelphia. 2005-2006 - Program Manager for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Oncology · Managed the NIH-funded Research on the Environment and Children’s Health (REACH) Retinoblastoma study, a molecular epidemiologic study of sporadic heritable retinoblastoma, a cancer of the embryonal retina that occurs in infants and very young children. · Recruited participants into REACH from two local hospitals while overseeing recruitment from an additional seven medical centers across the United States and Canada. · Responsible for maintaining current IRB status and consenting participants. · Ran preliminary analyses of REACH data using SAS 9.1 · Supervised three interviewers and one work-study student working on REACH. Publications: Anschuetz, GL, Beck, JN, Asbel, L, Goldberg, M, Salmon, ME, Spain, CV (2009). Determining Risk Markers for Gonorrhea and Chlamydial Infection and Reinfection Among Adolescents in Public High Schools. STD, 36 (1), p4-8. Peterman, TA, Newman, DR, Goldberg, M, Anschuetz, GL, Salmon, M, Satterwhite, CL, Berman, SM (2009). Screening Male Prisoners for Chlamydia trachomatis: Impact on Test Positivity Among Women From Their Neighborhoods Who Were Tested in Family Planning Clinics. STD, 36 (7), p 425-429