Intra-Laboratory Variability in the Etest® Method for Determining Antibiotic Susceptibility of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae to Cefixime, Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin

John Papp, PhD, Laboratory Reference and Research Branch, Division of STD Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, Marie-Claire Rowlinson, PhD, D(ABMM), Bureau of Public Health Laboratories, Jafar Razeq, Ph.D, HCLD (ABB), Maryland Department of Health, Baltimore, Maryland, Jason Wholehan, MT (ASCP), Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, Michigan, Anita Glennen, BS, Minnesota Department of Health, St. Paul, Minnesota, Chaney Walters, MS, MST, STD/Mycology, Mississippi Public Health Laboratories, Jackson, Mississippi, Jackson, MS, Peter Iwen, MS, PhD, D(ABMM), Nebraska Public Health Laboratory, Omaha, Nebraska, Lillian Lee, MS, SM(NRCM-ASCP), New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, New York City, New York and Celia Hagan, MPH (CPH), Association of Public Health Laboratories, Silver Spring, Maryland

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