TP 52 Early Detection of HIV Prevention in Adolescents As Illness ( AIDS ) Due to Late Diagnosis

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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Elozia Brito, PSYCOLOGIST, Gerência de Educação de Itajaí, Gerência de Educação de Itajaí, Itajaí, Brazil

Background: : Mobilizing to early diagnosis of HIV in adolescents and young people as a preventive measure to illness (AIDS) infection and other STDs reduces vulnerability and hazards of delayed diagnosis

Methods: : In April 2011/12 the Management of Education in collaboration with the National STD / AIDS / HV, implemented an intervention program and mobilization of early detection of HIV in adolescents and young High School in the 15 schools of public objective of these, assess their vulnerability (Nbr. Of partners XSTD X Infection). Sexual initiation before age 15 - 38 % in men and 19 % women; percentage of teenage pregnancy at the age of 12 to 14 years 0.2 %, 15 - 19 years 14.8 %. Notification of AIDS in 2011 in Santa Catarina 15-24 years until 30/06/2011 was 89 cases, 16 % of notifications in Itajai, Balneario Camboriu and of Camboriu

Results: From 07/10/12 to 07/12/12, 402 teens did workshops contained information on STD / HIV / AIDS Vulnerability, Sexual and Reproductive Rights and the questionnaire assessment of their vulnerability, 42 students diagnosed had more risk behavior, unsafe sex, exchanging various partners/yea, 16 did HIV testing, of whom 02 had a diagnosis of HIV +, 07 were in the window Immune, 03 returned for reexamination and 01 HIV +.

Conclusions:  : To create opportunities early diagnosis in young population whose prevalence rate of HIV infection has tended to increase in this age group, decreases vulnerability, reduce teenage pregnancy, avoidance / school failure, breaking the chain of transmission, slows disease and assists in the detection of other STD, especially HPV.